Text FW 051

the average human cloudyphiz, whereas sallow has long daze1
faded, frequently altered its ego with the possing of the showers2
(Not original!). Whence it is a slopperish matter, given the wet3
and low visibility (since in this scherzarade of one's thousand one4
nightinesses that sword of certainty which would indentifide the5
body never falls) to idendifine the individuone in scratch wig,6
squarecuts, stock lavaleer, regattable oxeter, baggy pants and7
shufflers (he is often alluded to as Slypatrick, the llad in the llane)8
with already an incipience (lust!) in the direction of area baldness9
(one is continually firstmeeting with odd sorts of others at all10
sorts of ages!) who was asked by free boardschool shirkers in11
drenched coats overawall, Will, Conn and Otto, to tell them12
overagait, Vol, Pov and Dev, that fishabed ghoatstory of the13
haardly creditable edventyres of the Haberdasher, the two Cur-14
chies and the three Enkelchums in their Bearskin ghoats! Girles15
and jongers, but he has changed alok syne Thorkill's time! Ya, da,16
tra, gathery, pimp, shesses, shossafat, okodeboko, nine! Those17
many warts, those slummy patches, halfsinster wrinkles, (what18
has come over the face on wholebroader E?), and (shrine of19
Mount Mu save us!) the large fungopark he has grown! Drink!20
     Sport's a common thing. It was the Lord's own day for damp 21
(to wait for a postponed regatta's eventualising is not of Battlecock22
Shettledore - Juxta - Mare only) and the request for a fully23
armed explanation was put (in Loo of Pat) to the porty (a native24
of the sisterisle --- Meathman or Meccan? --- by his brogue, ex-25
race eyes, lokil calour and lucal odour which are said to have26
been average clownturkish (though the capelist's voiced nasal27
liquids and the way he sneezed at zees haul us back to the craogs28
and bryns of the Silurian Ordovices) who, the lesser pilgrimage29
accomplished, had made, pats' and pigs' older inselt, the south-30
<7ieast bluffs of the stranger stepshore, a regifugium persecutorum<,31
hence hindquarters) as he paused at evenchime for some or so32
minutes (hit the pipe dannyboy! Time to won, barmon. I'll take33
ten to win.) amid the devil's one duldrum (Apple by her blossom34
window and Charlotte at her toss panomancy his sole admirers,35
his only tearts in store) for a fragrend culubosh during his week-36

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