Text FW 602

     One seekings. Not the lithe slender, not the broad roundish 1
near the lithe slender, not the fairsized fullfeatured to the leeward2
of the broad roundish but, indeed and inneed, the curling, perfect-3
portioned, flowerfleckled, shapely highhued, delicate features4
swaying to the windward of the fairsized fullfeatured.5
     Was that in the air about when something is to be said for it or 6
is it someone imparticular who will somewherise for the whole7
     What does Coemghen? Tell his hidings clearly! A woodtoo- 9
gooder. Is his moraltack still his best of weapons? How about a10
little more goaling goold? Rowlin's tun he gadder no must. It is11
the voice of Roga. His face is the face of a son. Be thine the silent12
hall, O Jarama! A virgin, the one, shall mourn thee. Roga's stream13
is solence. But Croona is in adestance. The ass of the O'Dwyer14
of Greyglens is abrowtobayse afeald in his terroirs of the Potter-15
ton's forecoroners, the reeks around the burleyhearthed. When16
visited by an indepondant reporter, "Mike" Portlund, to burrow17
burning the latterman's Resterant so is called the gortan in ques-18
ture he mikes the fallowing for the Durban Gazette, firstcoming19
issue. From a collispendent. Any were. Deemsday. Bosse of Upper20
and Lower Byggotstrade, Ciwareke, may he live for river! The21
Games funeral at Valleytemple. Saturnights pomps, exhabiting22
that corricatore of a harss, revealled by Oscur Camerad. The last23
of Dutch Schulds, perhumps. Pipe in Dream Cluse. Uncovers Pub24
History. The Outrage, at Length. Affected Mob Follows in Reli-25
gious Sullivence. Rinvention of vestiges by which they drugged26
the buddhy. Moviefigure on in scenic section. By Patathicus. And27
there, from out of the scuity, misty Londan, along the canavan28
route, that is with the years gone, mild beam of the wave his29
polar bearing, steerner among stars, trust touthena and you30
tread true turf, comes the sorter, Mr Hurr Hansen, talking allthe-31
ways in himself of his hopes to fall in among a merryfoule32
of maidens happynghome from the dance, his knyckle allaready33
in his knackskey fob, a passable compatriate proparly of the34
Grimstad galleon, old pairs frieze, feed up to the noxer with35
their geese and peeas and oats upon a trencher and the toyms36

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