FW – ‚Work in Progress‘

Please use it like a workbench: here you should find a few helping hands to make reading (? understanding ?) of „Finnegans Wake“ more easier (!!).

We took the name „work in progress“ from the first name of the novel, James Joyce used over more than 15 years (later called „Finnegans Wake“), to make clear, how hard it is for every new reader to keep on reading after the first shockings, trying to understand a few sentences of more than 600 pages ( … better to change the name in ‚reading in progress‘). –

The first to fourth part, named „Stuendel Finnegans Wehg Book1 – 4“, offers the German translation of the whole novel (Dr. Dieter Stündel).

The fifth part, named „Text FW with comments“, isn’t ready at the moment. The standard-editor of „WordPress“ is very simple to use. But if you like to use some special effects, you need to study ‚html‘ , ‚xhtml‘ etc..

The sixth part, named „Text FW deutsch“, offers a few German translations of parts of the novel (Friedhelm Rathjen). The German publisher „Suhrkamp“ gave us the permission, to use parts of the book „Finnegans Wake Deutsch“ for a time-period of a year (these translations will be marked by the end-timestamp).

Please let me thank you for using the German translations: it’s a great help to start reading of „Finnegans Wake“ !