Text FW 599

cognance and their ilks and their orts and their everythings that1
is be will was theirs.2
     Much obliged. Time-o'-Thay! But wherth, O clerk? 3
     Whithr a clonk? Vartman! See you not soo the pfath they 4
pfunded, oura vatars that arred in Himmal, harruad bathar na-5
mas, the gow, the stiar, the tigara, the liofant, when even thurst6
was athar vetals, mid trefoils slipped the sable rampant, hoof,7
hoof, hoof, hoof, padapodopudupedding on fattafottafutt. Ere8
we are! Signifying, if tungs may tolkan, that, primeval condi-9
tions having gradually receded but nevertheless the emplacement10
of solid and fluid having to a great extent persisted through11
intermittences of sullemn fulminance, sollemn nuptialism, sallemn12
sepulture and providential divining, making possible and even;13
inevitable, after his a time has a tense haves and havenots hesitency,14
at the place and period under consideration a socially organic15
entity of a millenary military maritory monetary morphological16
circumformation in a more- or less settled state of equonomic17
ecolube equalobe equilab equilibbrium. Gam on, Gearge! Nomo-18
morphemy for me! Lessnatbe angardsmanlake! You jast gat a19
tache of army on the stumuk. To the Angar at Anker. Aecquo-20
tincts. Seeworthy. Lots thankyouful, polite pointsins! There's21
a tavarn in the tarn.22
     Tip. Take Tamotimo's topical. Tip. Browne yet Noland. Tip. 23
     Where. Cumulonubulocirrhonimbant heaven electing, the dart 25
of desire has gored the heart of secret waters and the poplarest26
wood in the entire district is being grown at present, eminently27
adapted for the requirements of pacnincstricken humanity and,28
between all the goings up and the whole of the comings down and29
the fog of the cloud in which we toil and the cloud of the fog30
under which we labour, bomb the thing's to be domb about it so31
that, beyond indicating the locality, it is felt that one cannot with32
advantage add a very great deal to the aforegoing by what, such as33
it is to be, follows, just mentioning however that the old man of34
the sea and the old woman in the sky if they don't say nothings35
about it they don't tell us lie, the gist of the pantomime, from36

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