Text FW 059

derry padouasoys, girdle and braces by the halfmoon and Seven1
Stars, russets from the Blackamoor's Head, amongst the climbing2
boys at his Eagle and Child and over the corn and hay emptors3
at their Black and All Black, Mrs F . . . A . . . saidaside, half in4
stage of whisper to her confidante glass, while recoopering her5
cartwheel chapot (ahat! --- and we now know what thimbles a6
baquets on lallance a talls mean), she hoped Sid Arthar would7
git a Chrissman's portrout of orange and lemonsized orchids with8
hollegs and ether, from the feeatre of the Innocident, as the9
worryld had been uncained. Then, while it is odrous comparison-10
ing to the sprangflowers of his burstday which was a virid-11
able goddinpotty for the reinworms and the charlattinas and all12
branches of climatitis, it has been such a wanderful noyth untirely,13
added she, with many regards to Maha's pranjapansies. (Tart!)14
Prehistoric, obitered to his dictaphone an entychologist: his pro-15
penomen is a properismenon. A dustman nocknamed Seven-16
churches in the employ of Messrs Achburn, Soulpetre and17
Ashreborn, prairmakers, Glintalook, was asked by the sisterhood18
the vexed question during his midday collation of leaver and19
buckrom alternatively with stenk and kitteney phie in a hash-20
housh and, thankeaven, responsed impulsively: We have just been21
propogandering his nullity suit and what they took out of his ear22
among my own crush. All our fellows at O'Dea's sages with23
Aratar Calaman he is a cemented brick, buck it all! A more nor24
usually sober cardriver, who was jauntingly hosing his runabout,25
Ginger Jane, took a strong view. Lorry hosed her as he talked26
and this is what he told rewritemen: Irewaker is just a plain pink27
joint reformee in private life but folks all have it by brehemons28
laws he has parliamentary honours. Eiskaffier said (Louigi's, you29
know that man's, brillant Savourain): Mon foie, you wish to ave30
some homelette, yes, lady! Good, mein leber! Your hegg he must31
break himself See, I crack, so, he sit in the poele, umbedimbt!32
A perspirer (over sixty) who was keeping up his tennises panted33
he kne ho har twa to clect infamatios but a diffpair flannels climb34
wall and trespassing on doorbell. After fullblown Braddon hear35
this fresky troterella! A railways barmaid's view (they call her36

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