Text FW 618

innocenth eyes. O, felicious coolpose! If all the MacCrawls would1
only handle virgils like Armsworks, Limited! That's handsel for2
gertles! Never mind Micklemans! Chat us instead! The cad3
with the pope's wife, Lily Kinsella, who became the wife of4
Mr Sneakers for her good name in the hands of the kissing5
solicitor, will now engage in attentions. Just a prinche for to-6
night! Pale bellies our mild cure, back and streaky ninepace.7
The thicks off Bully's Acre was got up by Sully. The Boot lane8
brigade. And she had a certain medicine brought her in a9
licenced victualler's bottle. Shame! Thrice shame! We are10
advised the waxy is at the present in the Sweeps hospital and11
that he may never come out! Only look through your leather-12
box one day with P.C.Q. about 4.32 or at 8 and 22.5 with the13
quart of scissions masters and clerk and the bevyhum of Marie14
Reparatrices for a good allround sympowdhericks purge, full view,15
to be surprised to see under the grand piano Lily on the sofa (and16
a lady!) pulling a low and then he'd begin to jump a little bit to17
find out what goes on when love walks in besides the solicitous18
bussness by kissing and looking into a mirror.19
     That we were treated not very grand when the police and 20
everybody is all bowing to us when we go out in all directions21
on Wanterlond Road with my cubarola glide? And, personably22
speaking, they can make their beaux to my alce, as Hillary Allen23
sang to the opennine knighters. Item, we never were chained to a24
chair, and, bitem, no widower whother soever followed us about25
with a fork on Yankskilling Day. Meet a great civilian (proud26
lives to him!) who is gentle as a mushroom and a very affectable27
when he always sits forenenst us for his wet while to all whom28
it may concern Sully is a thug from all he drunk though he is a29
rattling fine bootmaker in his profession. Would we were here-30
arther to lodge our complaint on sergeant Laraseny in consequence31
of which in such steps taken his health would be constably broken32
into potter's pance which would be the change of his life by a33
Nollwelshian which has been oxbelled out of crispianity.34
     Well, our talks are coming to be resumed by more polite con- 35
versation with a huntered persent human over the natural bestness36

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