Text FW 041

these incurable welleslays among those uncarable wellasdays1
through Sant Iago by his cocklehat, goot Lazar, deliver us!)2
without after having been able to jerrywangle it anysides. Lisa3
O'Deavis and Roche Mongan (who had so much incommon,4
epipsychidically; if the phrase be permitted hostis et odor insuper5
petroperfractus) as an understood thing slept their sleep of the6
swimborne in the one sweet undulant mother of tumblerbunks7
with Hosty just how the shavers in the shaw the yokels in the8
yoats or, well, the wasters in the wilde, and the bustling tweeny-9
dawn-of-all-works (meed of anthems here we pant!) had not been10
many jiffies furbishing potlids, doorbrasses, scholars' applecheeks11
and linkboy's metals when, ashhopperminded like no fella he go12
make bakenbeggfuss longa white man, the rejuvenated busker (for13
after a goodnight's rave and rumble and a shinkhams topmorning14
with his coexes he was not the same man) and his broadawake15
bedroom suite (our boys, as our Byron called them) were up16
and ashuffle from the hogshome they lovenaned The Barrel, cross17
Ebblinn's chilled hamlet (thrie routes and restings on their then18
superficies curiously correspondant with those linea and puncta19
where our tubenny habenny metro maniplumbs below the ober-20
flake underrails and stations at this time of riding) to the thrum-21
mings of a crewth fiddle which, cremoaning and cronauning, levey22
grevey, witty and wevey, appy, leppy and playable, caressed the23
ears of the subjects of King Saint Finnerty the Festive who, in24
brick homes of their own and in their flavory fraiseberry beds,25
heeding hardly cry of honeyman, soed lavender or foyneboyne26
salmon alive, with their priggish mouths all open for the larger27
appraisiation of this longawaited Messiagh of roaratorios, were28
only halfpast atsweeeep and after a brisk pause at a pawnbroking29
establishment for the prothetic purpose of redeeming the song-30
ster's truly admirable false teeth and a prolonged visit to a house31
of call at Cujas Place, fizz, the Old Sots' Hole in the parish of32
Saint Cecily within the liberty of Ceolmore not a thousand or one33
national leagues, that was, by Griffith's valuation, from the site34
of the statue of Primewer Glasstone setting a match to the march35
of a maker (last of the stewards peut-?tre), where, the tale rambles36

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