Text FW 038

occasion of the happy escape, for a crowning of pot valiance,1
this regional platter, benjamin of bouillis, with a spolish olive to2
middlepoint its zaynith, was marrying itself (porkograso!) ere-3
busqued very deluxiously with a bottle of Phenice-Bruerie '98,4
followed for second nuptials by a Piessporter, Grand Cur, of5
both of which cherished tablelights (though humble the bounquet6
tis a leaman's farewell) he obdurately sniffed the cobwebcrusted7
     Our cad's bit of strife (knee Bareniece Maxwelton) with a quick 9
ear for spittoons (as the aftertale hath it) glaned up as usual with10
dumbestic husbandry (no persicks and armelians for thee, Pome-11
ranzia!) but, slipping the clav in her claw, broke of the matter12
among a hundred and eleven others in her usual curtsey (how13
faint these first vhespers womanly are, a secret pispigliando, amad14
the lavurdy den of their manfolker!) the next night nudge one15
as was Hegesippus over a hup a ' chee, her eys dry and small and16
speech thicklish because he appeared a funny colour like he17
couldn't stood they old hens no longer, to her particular reverend,18
the director, whom she had been meaning in her mind primarily19
to speak with (hosch, intra! jist a timblespoon!) trusting, between20
cuppled lips and annie lawrie promises (mighshe never have21
Esnekerry pudden come Hunanov for her pecklapitschens!) that22
the gossiple so delivered in his epistolear, buried teatoastally in23
their Irish stew would go no further than his jesuit's cloth, yet24
(in vinars venitas! volatiles valetotum!) it was this overspoiled25
priest Mr Browne, disguised as a vincentian, who, when seized26
of the facts, was overheard, in his secondary personality as a27
Nolan and underreared, poul soul, by accident---if, that is, the28
incident it was an accident for here the ruah of Ecclectiastes29
of Hippo outpuffs the writress of Havvah-ban-Annah---to30
pianissime a slightly varied version of Crookedribs confidentials,31
(what Mere Aloyse said but for Jesuphine's sake !) hands between32
hahands, in fealty sworn (my bravor best! my fraur!) and, to the33
strains of The Secret of Her Birth, hushly pierce the rubiend34
aurellum of one Philly Thurnston, a layteacher of rural science35
and orthophonethics of a nearstout figure and about the middle36

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