Text FW 058

testimony with benefit of clergy. His Thing Mod have undone1
him: and his madthing has done him man. His beneficiaries are2
legion in the part he created: they number up his years. Greatwheel3
Dunlop was the name was on him: behung, all we are his bisaacles.4
As hollyday in his house so was he priest and king to that: ulvy5
came, envy saw, ivy conquered. Lou ! Lou! They have waved his6
green boughs o'er him as they have torn him limb from lamb.7
For his muertification and uxpiration and dumnation and annu-8
hulation. With schreis and grida, deprofound souspirs. Steady,9
sullivans! Mannequins pause! Longtong's breach is fallen down10
but Graunya's spreed's abroad. Ahdostay, feedailyones, and feel11
the Flucher's bawls for the total of your flouts is not fit to fan his12
fettle, O! Have a ring and sing wohl! Chin, chin! Chin, chin!13
And of course all chimed din width the eatmost boviality. Swip-14
ing rums and beaunes and sherries and ciders and negus and cit-15
ronnades too. The strongers. Oho, oho, Mester Begge, you're16
about to be bagged in the bog again. Bugge. But softsies seuf-17
sighed: Eheu, for gassies! But, lo! lo! by the threnning gods,18
human, erring and condonable, what the statues of our kuo, who19
is the messchef be our kuang, ashu ashure there, the unforgettable20
treeshade looms up behind the jostling judgements of those, as21
all should owe, malrecapturable days.22
     Tap and pat and tapatagain, (fire firstshot, Missiers the Refusel- 23
eers! Peingpeong! For saxonlootie!) three tommix, soldiers free,24
cockaleak and cappapee, of the Coldstream. Guards were walking,25
in (pardonnez-leur, je vous en prie, eh?) Montgomery Street. One26
voiced an opinion in which on either wide (pardonnez!), nod-27
ding, all the Finner Camps concurred (je vous en prie, eh?). It28
was the first woman, they said, souped him, that fatal wellesday,29
Lili Coninghams, by suggesting him they go in a field. Wroth30
mod eldfar, ruth redd stilstand, wrath wrackt wroth, confessed31
private Pat Marchison retro. (Terse!) Thus contenters with san-32
toys play. One of our coming Vauxhall ontheboards who is33
resting for the moment (she has been callit by a noted stagey ele-34
cutioner a wastepacket Sittons) was interfeud in a waistend pewty35
parlour. Looking perhaps even more pewtyflushed in her cherry-36

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