Text FW 064

shtemp and jumphet to the tiltyard from the wastes a'sleep in his1
obi ohny overclothes or choker, attracted by the norse of guns2
playing Delandy is cartager on the raglar rock to Dulyn, said3
war' prised safe in bed as he dreamed that he'd wealthes in mor-4
mon halls when wokenp by a fourth loud snore out of his land5
of byelo while hickstrey's maws was grazing in the moonlight6
by hearing hammering on the pandywhank scale emanating from7
the blind pig and anything like it (oonagh! oonagh!) in the8
whole history of the Mullingcan Inn he never. This battering9
babel allower the door and sideposts, he always said, was not in10
the very remotest like the belzey babble of a bottle of boose11
which would not rouse him out o' slumber deep but reminded12
him loads more of the martiallawsey marses of foreign musi-13
kants' instrumongs or the overthrewer to the third last days of14
Pompery, if anything. And that after this most nooningless15
knockturn the young reine came down desperate and the old16
liffopotamus started ploring all over the plains, as mud as she17
cud be, ruinating all the bouchers' schurts and the backers'18
wischandtugs so that be the chandeleure of the Rejaneyjailey19
they were all night wasching the walters of, the weltering walters20
off. Whyte.21
     Just one moment. A pinch in time of the ideal, musketeers! 22
Alphos, Burkos and Caramis, leave Astrelea for the astrollajerries23
and for the love of the saunces and the honour of Keavens pike24
puddywhackback to Pamintul. And roll away the reel world, the25
reel world, the reel world! And call all your smokeblushes,26
Snowwhite and Rosered, if you will have the real cream! Now for27
a strawberry frolic! Filons, filoosh! Cherchons la flamme! Famm-28
famm! Fammfamm!29
     Come on, ordinary man with that large big nonobli head, and 30
that blanko berbecked fischial ekksprezzion Machinsky Scapolo-31
polos, Duzinascu or other. Your machelar's mutton leg's getting32
musclebound from being too pulled. Noah Beery weighed stone33
thousand one when Hazel was a hen. Now her fat's falling fast.34
Therefore, chatbags, why not yours? There are 29 sweet reasons35
why blossomtime's the best. Elders fall for green almonds when36

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