Text FW 617

there is a good in even, Levia, my cheek is a compleet bleenk.1
Plumb. Meaning: one two four. Finckers. Up the hind hose of2
hizzars. Whereapon our best again to a hundred and eleven ploose3
one thousand and one other blessings will now concloose thoose4
epoostles to your great kindest, well, for all at trouble to took.5
We are all at home in old Fintona, thank Danis, for ourselfsake,6
that direst of housebonds, whool wheel be true unto lovesend7
so long as we has a pockle full of brass. Impossible to remember8
persons in improbable to forget position places. Who would9
pellow his head off to conjure up a, well, particularly mean stinker10
like funn make called Foon MacCrawl brothers, mystery man of11
the pork martyrs? Force in giddersh! Tomothy and Lorcan, the12
bucket Toolers, both are Timsons now they've changed their13
characticuls during their blackout. Conan Boyles will pudge the14
daylives out through him, if they are correctly informed. Music, me15
ouldstrow, please! We'll have a brand rehearsal. Fing! One must16
simply laugh. Fing him aging! Good licks! Well, this ought to weke17
him to make up. He'll want all his fury gutmurdherers to redress18
him. Gilly in the gap. The big bad old sprowly all uttering foon!19
Has now stuffed last podding. His fooneral will sneak pleace by20
creeps o'clock toosday. Kingen will commen. Allso brewbeer.21
Pens picture at Manchem House Horsegardens shown in Morn-22
ing post as from Boston transcripped. Femelles will be preadam-23
inant as from twentyeight to twelve. To hear that lovelade24
parson, of case, of a bawl gentlemale, pour forther moracles. Don't25
forget! The grand fooneral will now shortly occur. Remember.26
The remains must be removed before eaght hours shorp. With27
earnestly conceived hopes. So help us to witness to this day to28
hand in sleep. From of Mayasdaysed most duteoused.29
     Well, here's lettering you erronymously anent other clerical 30
fands allieged herewith. I wisht I wast be that dumb tyke and he'd31
wish it was me yonther heel. How about it? The sweetest song32
in the world! Our shape as a juvenile being much admired from33
the first with native copper locks. Referring to the Married34
Woman's Improperty Act a correspondent paints out that the35
Swees Aubumn vogue is hanging down straith fitting to her36

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