Text FW 600

cannibal king to the property horse, being, slumply and slopely, to1
remind us how, in this drury world of ours, Father Times and2
Mother Spacies boil their kettle with their crutch. Which every3
lad and lass in the lane knows. Hence.4
     Polycarp pool, the pool of Innalavia, Saras the saft as, of 5
meadewy marge, atween Deltas Piscium and Sagittariastrion,6
whereinn once we lave 'tis alve and vale, minnyhahing here from7
hiarwather, a poddlebridges in a passabed, the river of lives, the8
regenerations of the incarnations of the emanations of the appa-9
rentations of Funn and Nin in Cleethabala, the kongdomain of10
the Alieni, an accorsaired race, infester of Libnud Ocean, Moyla-11
more, let it be! Where Allbroggt Neandser tracking Viggynette12
Neeinsee gladsighted her Linfian Fall and a teamdiggingharrow13
turned the first sod. Sluce! Caughterect! Goodspeed the blow!14
(Incidentally 'tis believed that his harpened before Gage's Fane15
for it has to be over this booty spotch, though some hours to16
the wester, that ex-Colonel House's preterpost heiress is to re-17
turn unto the outstretcheds of Dweyr O'Michael's loinsprung18
the blunterbusted pikehead which his had hewn in hers, pro-19
longed laughter words). There an alomdree begins to green,20
soreen seen for loveseat, as we know that should she, for by21
essentience his law, so it make all. It is scainted to Vitalba. And22
her little white bloomkins, twittersky trimmed, are hobdoblins'23
hankypanks. Saxenslyke our anscessers thought so darely on24
now they're going soever to Anglesen, free of juties, dyrt chapes.25
There too a slab slobs, immermemorial, the only in all swamp.26
But so bare, so boulder, brag sagging such a brr bll bmm show27
that, of Barindens, the white alfred, it owed to have at leased28
some butchup's upperon. Homos Circas Elochlannensis! His29
showplace at Leeambye. Old Wommany Wyes. Pfif! But, while30
gleam with gloom swan here and there, this shame rock and that31
whispy planter tell Paudheen Steel-the-Poghue and his perty32
Molly Vardant, in goodbroomirish, arrah, this place is a proper33
and his feist a ferial for curdnal communial, so be who would34
celibrate the holy mystery upon or that the pirigrim from Mainy-35
lands beatend, the calmleaved hutcaged by that look whose glaum36

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