Text FW 070

from Osterich, the U.S.E. paying (Gaul save the mark!) 11/- in1
the week (Gosh, these wholly romads!) of conscience money in2
the first deal of Yuly wheil he was, swishing beesnest with bles-3
sure, and swobbing broguen eeriesh myth brockendootsch, mak-4
ing his reporterage on Der Fall Adams for the Frankofurto Siding,5
a Fastland payrodicule, and er, consstated that one had on him6
the Lynn O'Brien, a meltoned lammswolle, disturbed, and wider7
he might the same zurichschicken other he would, with tosend8
and obertosend tonnowatters, one monkey's damages become.9
Now you must know, franksman, to make a heart of glass, that10
the game of gaze and bandstand butchery was merely a Patsy11
O'Strap tissue of threats and obuses such as roebucks raugh at12
pinnacle's peak and after this sort. Humphrey's unsolicited visitor,13
Davy or Titus, on a burgley's clan march from the middle west,14
a hikely excellent crude man about road who knew his Bullfoost15
Mountains like a starling bierd, after doing a long dance untidled16
to Cloudy Green, deposend his bockstump on the waityoumay-17
wantme, after having blew some quaker's (for you! Oates!) in18
through the houseking's keyhole to attract attention, bleated19
through the gale outside which the tairor of his clothes was hog-20
callering, first, be the hirsuiter, that he would break his bulshey-21
wigger's head for him, next, be the heeltapper, that he would22
break the gage over his lankyduckling head the same way he23
would crack a nut with a monkeywrench and, last of all, be the24
stirabouter, that he would give him his (or theumperom's or any-25
bloody else's) thickerthanwater to drink and his bleday steppe-26
brodhar's into the bucket. He demanded more wood alcohol to27
pitch in with, alleging that his granfather's was all taxis and that28
it was only after ten o'connell, and this his isbar was a public29
oven for the sake of irsk irskusky, and then, not easily dis-30
couraged, opened the wrathfloods of his atillarery and went on at31
a wicked rate, weathering against him in mooxed metaphores32
from eleven thirty to two in the afternoon without even a lunch-33
eonette interval for House, son of Clod, to come out, you jew-34
beggar, to be Executed Amen. Earwicker, that patternmind, that35
paradigmatic ear, receptoretentive as his of Dionysius, longsuffer-36

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