Text FW 611

leads from Harem. Three ties. Jockey the Ropper jerks Jake the1
Rape. Paddrock and bookley chat.2
     And here are the details. 3
     Tunc. Bymeby, bullocky vampas tappany bobs topside joss 4
pidgin fella Balkelly, archdruid of islish chinchinjoss in the his5
heptachromatic sevenhued septicoloured roranyellgreenlindigan6
mantle finish he show along the his mister guest Patholic with7
alb belongahim the whose throat hum with of sametime all the his8
cassock groaner fellas of greysfriaryfamily he fast all time what9
time all him monkafellas with Same Patholic, quoniam, speeching,10
yeh not speeching noh man liberty is, he drink up words, scilicet,11
tomorrow till recover will not, all too many much illusiones12
through photoprismic velamina of hueful panepiphanal world13
spectacurum of Lord Joss, the of which zoantholitic furniture,14
from mineral through vegetal to animal, not appear to full up to-15
gether fallen man than under but one photoreflection of the16
several iridals gradationes of solar light, that one which that part17
of it (furnit of heupanepi world) had shown itself (part of fur of18
huepanwor) unable to absorbere, whereas for numpa one pura-19
duxed seer in seventh degree of wisdom of Entis-Onton he savvy20
inside true inwardness of reality, the Ding hvad in idself id est,21
all objects (of panepiwor) allside showed themselves in trues22
coloribus resplendent with sextuple gloria of light actually re-23
tained, untisintus, inside them (obs of epiwo). Rumnant Patholic,24
stareotypopticus, no catch all that preachybook, utpiam, to-25
morrow recover thing even is not, bymeby vampsybobsy tap-26
panasbullocks topside joss pidginfella Bilkilly-Belkelly say pat-27
fella, ontesantes, twotime hemhaltshealing, with other words28
verbigratiagrading from murmurulentous till stridulocelerious in29
a hunghoranghoangoly tsinglontseng while his comprehen-30
durient, with diminishing claractinism, augumentationed himself31
in caloripeia to vision so throughsighty, you anxioust melan-32
cholic, High Thats Hight Uberking Leary his fiery grassbelong- 33
head all show colour of sorrelwood herbgreen, again, nigger- 34
blonker, of the his essixcoloured holmgrewnworsteds costume35
the his fellow saffron pettikilt look same hue of boiled spinasses,36

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