Text FW 063

ing in a bytheway that he, the crawsopper, had, in edition to1
Reade's cutless centiblade, a loaded Hobson's which left only twin2
alternatives as, viceversa, either he would surely shoot her, the3
aunt, by pistol, (she could be okaysure of that!) or, failing of such,4
bash in Patch's blank face beyond recognition, pointedly asked5
with gaeilish gall wodkar blizzard's business Thornton had with6
that Kane's fender only to be answered by the aggravated7
assaulted that that that was the snaps for him, Midweeks, to sultry8
well go and find out if he was showery well able. But how trans-9
paringly nontrue, gentlewriter ! His feet one is not a tall man, not10
at all, man. No such parson. No such fender. No such lumber. No11
such race. Was it supposedly in connection with a girls, Myramy12
Huey or Colores Archer, under Flaggy Bridge (for ann there is13
but one liv and hir newbridge is her old) or to explode his14
twelvechamber and force a shrievalty entrance that the heavybuilt15
Abelbody in a butcherblue blouse from One Life One Suit (a16
men's wear store), with a most decisive bottle of single in his17
possession, seized after dark by the town guard at Haveyou-18
caught-emerod's temperance gateway was there in a gate's way.19
     Fifthly, how parasoliloquisingly truetoned on his first time of 20
hearing the wretch's statement that, muttering Irish, he had had21
had o'gloriously a'lot too much hanguest or hoshoe fine to22
drink in the House of Blazes, the Parrot in Hell, the Orange Tree,23
the Glibt, the Sun, the Holy Lamb and, lapse not leashed, in24
Ramitdown's ship hotel since the morning moment he could25
dixtinguish a white thread from a black till the engine of the26
laws declosed unto Murray and was only falling fillthefluthered27
up against the gatestone pier which, with the cow's bonnet28
a'top o'it, he falsetook for a cattlepillar with purest peaceablest29
intentions. Yet how lamely hobbles the hoy of his then pseudo-30
jocax axplanation how, according to his own story, he was a31
process server and was merely trying to open zozimus a bottlop32
stoub by mortially hammering his magnum bonum (the curter the33
club the sorer the savage) against the bludgey gate for the boots34
about the swan, Maurice Behan, who hastily into his shoes with35
nothing his hald barra tinnteack and came down with homp,36

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