Text FW 605

fond of stones, friend of gnewgnawns bones and leaving all the1
messy messy to look after our douche douche, the miracles,2
death and life are these.3
     Yad. Procreated on the ultimate ysland of Yreland in the en- 4
cyclical yrish archipelago, come their feast of precreated holy5
whiteclad angels, whomamong the christener of his, voluntarily6
poor Kevin, having been graunted the praviloge of a priest's7
postcreated portable altare cum balneo, when espousing the one8
true cross, invented and exalted, in celibate matrimony at matin9
chime arose and westfrom went and came in alb of cloth of gold10
to our own midmost Glendalough-le-vert by archangelical guid-11
ance where amiddle of meeting waters of river Yssia and Essia12
river on this one of eithers lone navigable lake piously Kevin,13
lawding the triune trishagion, amidships of his conducible altar14
super bath, rafted centripetally, diaconal servent of orders hiber-15
nian, midway across the subject lake surface to its supreem epi-16
centric lake Ysle, whereof its lake is the ventrifugal principality,17
whereon by prime, powerful in knowledge, Kevin came to where18
its centre is among the circumfluent watercourses of Yshgafiena19
and Yshgafiuna, an enysled lakelet yslanding a lacustrine yslet,20
whereupon with beached raft subdiaconal bath propter altar,21
with oil extremely anointed, accompanied by prayer, holy Kevin22
bided till the third morn hour but to build a rubric penitential23
honeybeehivehut in whose enclosure to live in fortitude, acolyte24
of cardinal virtues, whereof the arenary floor, most holy Kevin25
excavated as deep as to the depth of a seventh part of one full26
fathom, which excavated, venerable Kevin, anchorite, taking27
counsel, proceded towards the lakeside of the ysletshore whereat28
seven several times he, eastward genuflecting, in entire ubidience29
at sextnoon collected gregorian water sevenfold and with am-30
brosian eucharistic joy of heart as many times receded, carrying31
that privileged altar unacumque bath, which severally seven times32
into the cavity excavated, a lector of water levels, most venerable33
Kevin, then effused thereby letting there be water where was there-34
tofore dry land, by him so concreated, who now, confirmed a strong35
and perfect christian, blessed Kevin, exorcised his holy sister36

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