Text FW 619

of pleisure after his good few mugs of humbedumb and shag.1
While for whoever likes that urogynal pan of cakes one apiece it is2
thanks, beloved, to Adam, our former first Finnlatter and our3
grocerest churcher, as per Grippiths' varuations, for his beautiful4
crossmess parzel.5
     Well, we simply like their demb cheeks, the Rathgarries, 6
wagging here about around the rhythms in me amphybed and he7
being as bothered that he pausably could by the fallth of hampty8
damp. Certified reformed peoples, we may add to this stage, are9
proptably saying to quite agreeable deef. Here gives your10
answer, pigs and scuts! Hence we've lived in two worlds. He is11
another he what stays under the himp of holth. The herewaker12
of our hamefame is his real namesame who will get himself up13
and erect, confident and heroic when but, young as of old, for my14
daily comfreshenall, a wee one woos.15
     Alma Luvia, Pollabella. 16
P.S. Soldier Rollo's sweetheart. And she's about fetted up now17
with nonsery reams. And rigs out in regal rooms with the ritzies.18
Rags! Worns out. But she's still her deckhuman amber too.19
     Soft morning, city! Lsp! I am leafy speafing. Lpf! Folty and 20
folty all the nights have falled on to long my hair. Not a sound,21
falling. Lispn! No wind no word. Only a leaf, just a leaf and22
then leaves. The woods are fond always. As were we their babes23
in. And robins in crews so. It is for me goolden wending.24
Unless? Away! Rise up, man of the hooths, you have slept so25
long! Or is it only so mesleems? On your pondered palm.26
Reclined from cape to pede. With pipe on bowl. Terce for a27
fiddler, sixt for makmerriers, none for a Cole. Rise up now and28
aruse! Norvena's over. I am leafy, your goolden, so you called29
me, may me life, yea your goolden, silve me solve, exsogerraider!30
You did so drool. I was so sharm. But there's a great poet in you31
too. Stout Stokes would take you offly. So has he as bored me32
to slump. But am good and rested. Taks to you, toddy, tan ye!33
Yawhawaw. Helpunto min, helpas vin. Here is your shirt, the day34
one, come back. The stock, your collar. Also your double brogues.35
A comforter as well. And here your iverol and everthelest your36

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