Text FW 615

of the past; type by tope, letter from litter, word at ward, with1
sendence of sundance, since the days of Plooney and Colum-2
cellas when Giacinta, Pervenche and Margaret swayed over the3
all-too-ghoulish and illyrical and innumantic in our mutter nation,4
all, anastomosically assimilated and preteridentified paraidioti-5
cally, in fact, the sameold gamebold adomic structure of our6
Finnius the old One, as highly charged with electrons as hophaz-7
ards can effective it, may be there for you, Cockalooralooraloo-8
menos, when cup, platter and pot come piping hot, as sure as9
herself pits hen to paper and there's scribings scrawled on eggs.10
     Of cause, so! And in effect, as? 11
     Dear. And we go on to Dirtdump. Reverend. May we add 12
majesty? Well, we have frankly enjoyed more than anything13
these secret workings of natures (thanks ever for it, we humbly14
pray) and, well, was really so denighted of this lights time.15
Mucksrats which bring up about uhrweckers they will come to16
know good. Yon clouds will soon disappear looking forwards17
at a fine day. The honourable Master Sarmon they should be18
first born like he was with a twohangled warpon and it was19
between Williamstown and the Mairrion Ailesbury on the top20
of the longcar, as merrily we rolled along, we think of him looking21
at us yet as if to pass away in a cloud. When he woke up in a22
sweat besidus it was to pardon him, goldylocks, me having an23
airth, but he daydreamsed we had a lovelyt face for a pulltomine.24
Back we were by the jerk of a beamstark, backed in paladays last,25
on the brinks of the wobblish, the man what never put a dramn26
in the swags but milk from a national cowse. That was the prick27
of the spindle to me that gave me the keys to dreamland. Sneakers28
in the grass, keep off! If we were to tick off all that cafflers head,29
whisperers for his accomodation, the me craws, namely, and their30
bacon what harmed butter! It's margarseen oil. Thinthin thin-31
thin. Stringstly is it forbidden by the honorary tenth commend-32
mant to shall not bare full sweetness against a nighboor's wiles.33
What those slimes up the cavern door around you, keenin, (the34
lies is coming out on them frecklefully) had the shames to suggest35
can we ever? Never! So may the low forget him their trespasses36

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