Text FW 039

of his forties during a priestly flutter for safe and sane bets at the1
hippic runfields of breezy Baldoyle on a date (W. W. goes2
through the card) easily capable of rememberance by all pickers-3
up of events national and Dublin details, the doubles of Perkin4
and Paullock, peer and prole, when the classic Encourage Hackney5
Plate was captured by two noses in a stablecloth finish, ek and nek,6
some and none, evelo nevelo, from the cream colt Bold Boy7
Cromwell after a clever getaway by Captain Chaplain Blount's8
roe hinny Saint Dalough, Drummer Coxon, nondepict third, at9
breakneck odds, thanks to you great little, bonny little, portey10
little, Winny Widger! you're all their nappies! who in his never-11
rip mud and purpular cap was surely leagues unlike any other12
phantomweight that ever toppitt our timber maggies.13
     'Twas two pisononse Timcoves (the wetter is pest, the renns are 14
overt and come and the voax of the turfur is hurled on our lande)15
of the name of Treacle Tom as was just out of pop following the16
theft of a leg of Kehoe, Donnelly and Packenham's Finnish pork17
and his own blood and milk brother Frisky Shorty, (he was, to be18
exquisitely punctilious about them, both shorty and frisky) a tip-19
ster, come off the hulks, both of them awful poor, what was out20
on the bumaround for an oofbird game for a jimmy o'goblin or21
a small thick un as chanced, while the Seaforths was making the22
colleenbawl, to ear the passon in the motor clobber make use of23
his law language (Edzo, Edzo on), touchin the case of Mr Adams24
what was in all the sundays about it which he was rubbing noses25
with and having a gurgle off his own along of the butty bloke in26
the specs.27
     This Treacle Tom to whom reference has been made had 28
been absent from his usual wild and woolly haunts in the land29
of counties capalleens for some time previous to that (he was, in30
fact, in the habit of frequenting common lodginghouses where31
he slept in a nude state, hailfellow with meth, in strange men's32
cots) but on racenight, blotto after divers tots of hell fire, red33
biddy, bull dog, blue ruin and creeping jenny, Eglandine's choic-34
est herbage, supplied by the Duck and Doggies, the Galop-35
ping Primrose, Brigid Brewster's, the Cock, the Postboy's Horn,36

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