Text FW 066

several of the earmarks of design, for there is in fact no use in1
putting a tooth in a snipery of that sort and the amount of all2
those sort of things which has been going on onceaday in and3
twiceaday out every other nachtistag among all kinds of pro-4
miscious individuals at all ages in private homes and reeboos5
publikiss and allover all and elsewhere throughout secular6
sequence the country over and overabroad has been particularly7
stupendous. To be continued. Federals' Uniteds' Transports'8
Unions' for Exultations' of Triumphants' Ecstasies.9
     But resuming inquiries. Will it ever be next morning the postal 10
unionist's (officially called carrier's, Letters Scotch, Limited)11
strange fate (Fierceendgiddyex he's hight, d.e., the losel that12
hucks around missivemaids' gummibacks) to hand in a huge13
chain envelope, written in seven divers stages of ink, from blanch-14
essance to lavandaiette, every pothook and pancrook bespaking15
the wisherwife, superscribed and subpencilled by yours A Laugh-16
able Party, with afterwite, S.A.G., to Hyde and Cheek, Eden-17
berry, Dubblenn, WC? Will whatever will be written in lappish18
language with inbursts of Maggyer always seem semposed, black19
looking white and white guarding black, in that siamixed twoa-20
talk used twist stern swift and jolly roger? Will it bright upon us,21
nightle, and we plunging to our plight? Well, it might now, mircle,22
so it light. Always and ever till Cox's wife, twice Mrs Hahn, pokes23
her beak into the matter with Owen K. after her, to see whawa24
smutter after, will this kiribis pouch filled with litterish frag-25
ments lurk dormant in the paunch of that halpbrother of a herm,26
a pillarbox? 27
? ? The coffin, a triumph of the illusionist's art, at first blench 28
naturally taken for a handharp (it is handwarp to tristinguish29
jubabe from jabule or either from tubote when all three have just30
been invened) had been removed from the hardware premises of31
Oetzmann and Nephew, a noted house of the gonemost west,32
which in the natural course of all things continues to supply33
funeral requisites of every needed description. Why needed,34
though? Indeed needed (wouldn't you feel like rattanfowl if you35
hadn't the oscar!) because the flash brides or bride in their lily36

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