Text FW 048

     Chest Cee! 'Sdense! Corpo di barragio! you spoof of visibility 1
in a freakfog, of mixed sex cases among goats, hill cat and plain2
mousey, Bigamy Bob and his old Shanvocht! The Blackfriars3
treacle plaster outrage be liddled! Therewith was released in that4
kingsrick of Humidia a poisoning volume of cloud barrage indeed.5
Yet all they who heard or redelivered are now with that family6
of bards and Vergobretas himself and the crowd of Caraculacticors7
as much no more as be they not yet now or had they then not-8
ever been. Canbe in some future we shall presently here amid9
those zouave players of Inkermann the mime mumming the mick10
and his nick miming their maggies, Hilton St Just (Mr Frank11
Smith), Ivanne Ste Austelle (Mr J. F. Jones), Coleman of Lucan12
taking four parts, a choir of the O'Daley O'Doyles doublesixing13
the chorus in Fenn Mac Call and the Serven Feeries of Loch Neach,14
Galloper Troppler and Hurleyquinn the zitherer of the past with his15
merrymen all, zimzim, zimzim. Of the persins sin this Eyrawyg-16
gla saga (which, thorough readable to int from and, is from tubb17
to buttom all falsetissues, antilibellous and nonactionable and this18
applies to its whole wholume) of poor Osti-Fosti, described as19
quite a musical genius in a small way and the owner of an20
exceedingly niced ear, with tenorist voice to match, not alone,21
but a very major poet of the poorly meritary order (he began22
Tuonisonian but worked his passage up as far as the we-all-23
hang-together Animandovites) no one end is known. If they24

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