Text FW 607

that is how we get to Missas in Massas. The old Marino tale. We1
veriters verity notefew demmed lustres priorly magistrite maxi-2
mollient in ludubility learned. Facst. Teak off that wise head!3
Great sinner, good sonner, is in effect the motto of the Mac-4
Cowell family. The gloved fist (skrimmhandsker) was intraduced5
into their socerdatal tree before the fourth of the twelfth and it6
is even a little odd all four horolodgeries still gonging restage7
Jakob van der Bethel, smolking behing his pipe, with Essav of8
Messagepostumia, lentling out his borrowed chafingdish, before9
cymbaloosing the apostles at every hours of changeover. The10
first and last rittlerattle of the anniverse; when is a nam nought a11
nam whenas it is a. Watch! Heroes' Highway where our fleshers12
leave their bonings and every bob and joan to fill the bumper fair.13
It is their segnall for old Champelysied to seek the shades of his14
retirement and for young Chappielassies to tear a round and tease15
their partners lovesoftfun at Finnegan's Wake.16
     And it's high tigh tigh. Titley hi ti ti. That my dig pressed in 17
your dag si. Gnug of old Gnig. Ni, gnid mig brawly! I bag your18
burden. Mees is thees knees. Thi is Mi. We have caught one-19
selves, Sveasmeas, in somes incontigruity coumplegs of heopon-20
hurrish marrage from whose I most sublumbunate. A polog, my21
engl! Excutes. Om still so sovvy. Whyle om till ti ti.22
     Ha! 23
     Dayagreening gains in schlimninging. A summerwint spring- 24
falls, abated. Hail, regn of durknass, snowly receassing, thund25
lightening thund, into the dimbelowstard departamenty whither-26
out, soon hist, soon mist, to the hothehill from the hollow,27
Solsking the Frist (attempted by the admirable Captive Bunting28
and Loftonant-Cornel Blaire) will processingly show up above29
Tumplen Bar whereupont he was much jubilated by Boerge-30
mester "Dyk" ffogg of Isoles, now Eisold, looking most plussed31
with (exhib 39) a clout capped sunbubble anaccanponied from32
his bequined torse. Up.33
     Blanchardstown mewspeppers pleads coppyl. Gracest good- 34
ness, heave mensy upponnus! Grand old Manbutton, give your35
bowlers a rest!36

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