Text FW 073

his langwedge and quite quit the paleologic scene, telling how1
by his selfdenying ordnance he had left Hyland on the dissenting2
table, after exhorting Earwicker or, in slightly modified phrase-3
ology, Messrs or Missrs Earwicker, Seir, his feminisible name of4
multitude, to cocoa come outside to Mockerloo out of that for5
the honour of Crumlin, with his broody old flishguds, Gog's6
curse to thim, so as he could brianslog and burst him all dizzy,7
you go bail, like Potts Fracture did with Keddle Flatnose and8
nobodyatall with Wholyphamous and build rocks over him, or9
if he didn't, for two and thirty straws, be Cacao Campbell, he10
didn't know what he wouldn't do for him nor nobody else no-11
more nor him after which, batell martell, a brisha a milla a stroka12
a boola, so the rage of Malbruk, playing on the least change of13
his manjester's voice, the first heroic couplet from the fuguall14
tropical, Opus Elf, Thortytoe: My schemes into obeyance for This15
time has had to fall: they bit goodbyte to their thumb and, his16
bandol eer his solgier, dripdropdrap on pool or poldier, wishing17
the loff a falladelfian in the morning, proceeded with a Hubble-18
forth slouch in his slips backwords (Et Cur Heli!) in the directions19
of the duff and demb institutions about ten or eleven hundred20
years lurch away in the moonshiny gorge of Patself on the Bach. 21
     And thus, with this rochelly exetur of Bully Acre, came to 23
close that last stage in the siegings round our archicitadel which24
we would like to recall, if old Nestor Alexis would wink the25
worth for us, as Bar-le-Duc and Dog-an-Doras and Bangen-op-26
     Yed he med leave to many a door beside of Oxmanswold for 28
so witness his chambered cairns a cloudletlitter silent that are at29
browse up hill and down coombe and on eolithostroton, at30
Howth or at Coolock or even at Enniskerry, a theory none too31
rectiline of the evoluation of human society and a testament of32
the rocks from all the dead unto some the living. Olivers lambs33
we do call them, skatterlings of a stone, and they shall be ga-34
thered unto him, their herd and paladin, as nubilettes to cumule,35
in that day hwen, same the lightning lancer of Azava Arthur-36

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