Text FW 623

loosed in her reflexes, she seem she seen Ericoricori coricome1
huntsome with his three poach dogs aleashing him. But you came2
safe through. Enough of that homer corner! And old mutther-3
goosip! We might call on the Old Lord, what do you say? There's4
something tells me. He is a fine sport. Like the score and a moighty5
went before him. And a proper old promnentory. His door6
always open. For a newera's day. Much as your own is. You7
invoiced him last Eatster so he ought to give us hockockles and8
everything. Remember to take off your white hat, ech? When9
we come in the presence. And say hoothoothoo, ithmuthisthy!10
His is house of laws. And I'll drop my graciast kertssey too. If11
the Ming Tung no go bo to me homage me hamage kow bow12
tow to the Mong Tang. Ceremonialness to stand lowest place13
be! Saying: What'll you take to link to light a pike on porpoise,14
plaise? He might knight you an Armor elsor daub you the first15
cheap magyerstrape. Remember Bomthomanew vim vam vom16
Hungerig. Hoteform, chain and epolettes, botherbumbose. And17
I'll be your aural eyeness. But we vain. Plain fancies. It's in the18
castles air. My currant bread's full of sillymottocraft. Aloof is19
anoof. We can take or leave. He's reading his ruffs. You'll know20
our way from there surely. Flura's way. Where once we led so21
many car couples have follied since. Clatchka! Giving Shaugh-22
nessy's mare the hillymount of her life. With her strulldeburg-23
ghers! Hnmn hnmn! The rollcky road adondering. We can sit24
us down on the heathery benn, me on you, in quolm uncon-25
sciounce. To scand the arising. Out from Drumleek. It was there26
Evora told me I had best. If I ever. When the moon of mourning27
is set and gone. Over Glinaduna. Lonu nula. Ourselves, oursouls28
alone. At the site of salvocean. And watch would the letter you're29
wanting be coming may be. And cast ashore. That I prays for30
be mains of me draims. Scratching it and patching at with a31
prompt from a primer. And what scrips of nutsnolleges I pecked32
up me meself. Every letter is a hard but yours sure is the hardest33
crux ever. Hack an axe, hook an oxe, hath an an, heth hith ences.34
But once done, dealt and delivered, tattat, you're on the map.35
Rased on traumscrapt from Maston, Boss. After rounding his36

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