Text FW 624

world of ancient days. Carried in a caddy or screwed and corked.1
On his mugisstosst surface. With a bob, bob, bottledby. Blob.2
When the waves give up yours the soil may for me. Sometime3
then, somewhere there, I wrote me hopes and buried the page4
when I heard Thy voice, ruddery dunner, so loud that none but,5
and left it to lie till a kissmiss coming. So content me now. Lss.6
Unbuild and be buildn our bankaloan cottage there and we'll7
cohabit respectable. The Gowans, ser, for Medem, me. With8
acute bubel runtoer for to pippup and gopeep where the sterres9
be. Just to see would we hear how Jove and the peers talk. Amid10
the soleness. Tilltop, bigmaster! Scale the summit! You're not11
so giddy any more. All your graundplotting and the little it12
brought! Humps, when you hised us and dumps, when you13
doused us! But sarra one of me cares a brambling ram, pomp14
porteryark! On limpidy marge I've made me hoom. Park and a15
pub for me. Only don't start your stunts of Donachie's yeards16
agoad again. I could guessp to her name who tuckt you that one, tuf-17
nut! Bold bet backwords. For the loves of sinfintins! Before the18
naked universe. And the bailby pleasemarm rincing his eye! One19
of these fine days, lewdy culler, you must redoform again.20
Blessed shield Martin! Softly so. I am so exquisitely pleased about21
the loveleavest dress I have. You will always call me Leafiest,22
won't you, dowling? Wordherfhull Ohldhbhoy! And you won't23
urbjunk to me parafume, oiled of kolooney, with a spot of mara-24
shy. Sm! It's Alpine Smile from Yesthers late Yhesters. I'm in25
everywince nasturtls. Even in Houlth's nose. Medeurscodeignus!26
Astale of astoun. Grand owld marauder! If I knew who you are!27
When that hark from the air said it was Captain Finsen makes cum-28
hulments and was mayit pressing for his suit I said are you there29
here's nobody here only me. But I near fell off the pile of samples.30
As if your tinger winged ting to me hear. Is that right what31
your brothermilk in Bray bes telling the district you were bragged32
up by Brostal because your parents would be always tumbling33
into his foulplace and losing her pentacosts after drinking their34
pledges? Howsomendeavour, you done me fine! The only man35
was ever known could eat the crushts of lobsters. Our native36

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