Text FW 056

bawl, the copycus's description of that fellowcommuter's play1
upon countenants, could simply imagine themselves in their bo-2
som's inmost core, as pro tem locums timesported acorss the yawn-3
ing (abyss), as once they were seasiders, listening to the cockshy-4
shooter's evensong evocation of the doomed but always ventri-5
loquent Agitator, (nonot more plangorpound the billows o'er6
Thounawahallya Reef!) silkhouatted, a whallrhosmightiadd, a-7
ginsst the dusk of skumring, (would that fane be Saint Muezzin's8
calling --- holy places ! --- and this fez brimless as brow of faithful9
toucher of the ground, did wish it were --- blessed be the bones !10
--- the ghazi, power of his sword.) his manslayer's gunwielder11
protended towards that overgrown leadpencil which was soon,12
monumentally at least, to rise as Molyvdokondylon to, to be, to13
be his mausoleum (O'dan stod tillsteyne at meisies aye skould14
show pon) while olover his exculpatory features, as Roland rung,15
a wee dropeen of grief about to sillonise his jouejous, the ghost16
of resignation diffused a spectral appealingness, as a young man's17
drown o'er the fate of his waters may gloat, similar in origin and18
akkurat in effective to a beam of sunshine upon a coffin plate.19
     Not olderwise Inn the days of the Bygning would our Travel- 20
ler remote, unfriended, from van Demon's Land, some lazy21
skald or maundering pote, lift wearywilly his slowcut snobsic22
eyes to the semisigns of his zooteac and lengthily lingering along23
flaskneck, cracket cup, downtrodden brogue, turfsod, wild-24
broom, cabbageblad, stockfisch, longingly learn that there at the25
Angel were herberged for him poteen and tea and praties and26
baccy and wine width woman wordth warbling: and informally27
quasi-begin to presquesm'ile to queasithin' (Nonsense! There28
was not very much windy Nous blowing at the given moment29
through the hat of Mr Melancholy Slow!)30
? ? But in the pragma what formal cause made a smile of that to- 31
think? Who was he to whom? (O'Breen's not his name nor the32
brown one his maid.) Whose are the placewheres? Kiwasti, kis-33
ker, kither, kitnabudja? Tal the tem of the tumulum. Giv the gav34
of the grube. Be it cudgelplayers' country, orfishfellows' town or35
leeklickers' land or panbpanungopovengreskey. What regnans36

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