Text FW 625

night when you twicetook me for some Marienne Sherry and1
then your Jermyn cousin who signs hers with exes and the beard-2
wig I found in your Clarksome bag. Pharaops you'll play you're3
the king of Aeships. You certainly make the most royal of noises.4
I will tell you all sorts of makeup things, strangerous. And show5
you to every simple storyplace we pass. Cadmillersfolly, Bellevenue,6
Wellcrom, Quid Superabit, villities valleties. Change the plates7
for the next course of murphies! Spendlove's still there and the8
canon going strong and so is Claffey's habits endurtaking and9
our parish pomp's a great warrent. But you'll have to ask that10
same four that named them is always snugging in your bar-11
salooner, saying they're the best relicts of Conal O'Daniel and12
writing Finglas since the Flood. That'll be some kingly work in pro-13
gress. But it's by this route he'll come some morrow. And I14
can signal you all flint and fern are rasstling as we go by. And15
you'll sing thumb a bit and then wise your selmon on it. It is all16
so often and still the same to me. Snf? Only turf, wick dear! Clane17
turf. You've never forgodden batt on tarf, have you, at broin18
burroow, what? Mch? Why, them's the muchrooms, come up19
during the night. Look, agres of roofs in parshes. Dom on dam,20
dim in dym. And a capital part for olympics to ply at. Steadyon,21
Cooloosus! Mind your stride or you'll knock. While I'm dodging22
the dustbins. Look what I found! A lintil pea. And look at here!23
This cara weeseed. Pretty mites, my sweetthings, was they poor-24
loves abandoned by wholawidey world? Neighboulotts for new-25
town. The Eblanamagna you behazyheld loomening up out of the26
dumblynass. But the still sama sitta. I've lapped so long. As you27
said. It fair takes. If I lose my breath for a minute or two don't28
speak, remember! Once it happened, so it may again. Why I'm29
all these years within years in soffran, allbeleaved. To hide away30
the tear, the parted. It's thinking of all. The brave that gave their.31
The fair that wore. All them that's gunne. I'll begin again in a32
jiffey. The nik of a nad. How glad you'll be I waked you! My!33
How well you'll feel! For ever after. First we turn by the vagurin34
here and then it's gooder. So side by side, turn agate, wedding-35
town, laud men of Londub! I only hope whole the heavens sees36

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