Text FW 610

     Juva: Bulkily: and he is fundementially theosophagusted over 1
the whorse proceedings.2
     Muta: Petrificationibus! O horild haraflare! Who his dickhuns 3
now rearrexes from undernearth the memorialorum?4
     Juva: Beleave filmly, beleave! Fing Fing! King King! 5
     Muta: Ulloverum? Fulgitudo ejus Rhedonum teneat! 6
     Juva: Rolantlossly! Till the tipp of his ziff. And the ubideintia 7
of the savium is our ervics fenicitas.8
     Muta: Why soly smiles the supremest with such for a leary on 9
his rugular lips?10
     Juva: Bitchorbotchum! Eebrydime! He has help his crewn on 11
the burkeley buy but he has holf his crown on the Eurasian12
     Muta: Skulkasloot! The twyly velleid is thus then paridi- 14
     Juva: Ut vivat volumen sic pereat pouradosus! 16
     Muta: Haven money on stablecert? 17
     Juva: Tempt to wom Outsider! 18
     Muta: Suc? He quoffs. Wutt? 19
     Juva: Sec! Wartar wartar! Wett. 20
     Muta: Ad Piabelle et Purabelle? 21
     Juva: At Winne, Woermann og Sengs. 22
     Muta: So that when we shall have acquired unification we 23
shall pass on to diversity and when we shall have passed on to24
diversity we shall have acquired the instinct of combat and when25
we shall have acquired the instinct of combat we shall pass back to26
the spirit of appeasement?27
     Juva: By the light of the bright reason which daysends to us 28
from the high.29
     Muta: May I borrow that hordwanderbaffle from you, old 30
     Juva: Here it is and I hope it's your wormingpen, Erinmonker! 32
     Rhythm and Colour at Park Mooting. Peredos Last in the 34
Grand Natural. Velivision victor. Dubs newstage oldtime turf-35
tussle, recalling Winny Willy Widger. Two draws. Heliotrope36

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