Text FW 036

stuck ginger, which, as being of sours, acids, salts, sweets and1
bitters compompounded, we know him to have used as chaw-2
chaw for bone, muscle, blood, flesh and vimvital,) that where-3
as the hakusay accusation againstm had been made, what was4
known in high quarters as was stood stated in Morganspost, by5
a creature in youman form who was quite beneath parr and seve-6
ral degrees lower than yore triplehydrad snake. In greater sup-7
port of his word (it, quaint 'anticipation of a famous phrase, has8
been reconstricted out of oral style into the verbal for all time9
with ritual rhythmics, in quiritary quietude, and toosammen-10
stucked from successive accounts by Noah Webster in the re-11
daction known as the Sayings Attributive of H. C. Earwicker,12
prize on schillings, postlots free), the flaxen Gygas tapped his13
chronometrum drumdrum and, now standing full erect, above14
the ambijacent floodplain, scene of its happening, with one Ber-15
lin gauntlet chopstuck in the hough of his ellboge (by ancientest16
signlore his gesture meaning: Ǝ!) pointed at an angle of thirty-17
two degrees towards his duc de Fer's overgrown milestone as18
fellow to his gage and after a rendypresent pause averred with19
solemn emotion's fire: Shsh shake, co-comeraid! Me only, them20
five ones, he is equal combat. I have won straight. Hence my21
nonation wide hotel and creamery establishments which for the22
honours of our mewmew mutual daughters, credit me, I am woo-23
woo willing to take my stand, sir, upon the monument, that sign24
of our ruru redemption, any hygienic day to this hour and to25
make my hoath to my sinnfinners, even if I get life for it, upon26
the Open Bible and before the Great Taskmaster's (I lift my hat!)27
and in the presence of the Deity Itself andwell of Bishop and28
Mrs Michan of High Church of England as of all such of said29
my immediate withdwellers and of every living sohole in every30
corner wheresoever of this globe in general which useth of my31
British to my backbone tongue and commutative justice that32
there is not one tittle of truth, allow me to tell you, in that purest33
of fibfib fabrications.34
     Gaping Gill, swift to mate errthors, stern to checkself, (diag- 35
nosing through eustacetube that it was to make with a markedly36

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