Text FW 053

a fin fell. Boomster rombombonant! It scenes like a landescape1
from Wildu Picturescu or some seem on some dimb Arras, dumb2
as Mum's mutyness, this mimage of the seventyseventh kusin of3
kristansen is odable to os across the wineless Ere no oedor nor4
mere eerie nor liss potent of suggestion than in the tales of the5
tingmount. (Prigged !)6
     And there oftafter, jauntyjogging, on an Irish visavis, instea- 7
dily with shoulder to shoulder Jehu will tell to Christianier, saint8
to sage, the humphriad of that fall and rise while daisy winks at9
her pinker sister among the tussocks and the copoll between the10
shafts mocks the couple on the car. And as your who may look11
like how on the owther side of his big belttry your tyrs and cloes12
your noes and paradigm maymay rererise in eren. Follow we up13
his whip vindicative. Thurston's! Lo bebold! La arboro, lo14
petrusu. The augustan peacebetothem oaks, the monolith rising15
stark from the moonlit pinebarren. In all fortitudinous ajaxious16
rowdinoisy tenuacity. The angelus hour with ditchers bent upon17
their farm usetensiles, the soft belling of the fallow deers (doereh-18
moose genuane!) advertising their milky approach as midnight19
was striking the hours (letate!), and how brightly the great tri-20
bune outed the sharkskin smokewallet (imitation!) from his21
frock, kippers, and by Joshua, he tips un a topping swank22
cheroot, none of your swellish soide, quoit the reverse, and how23
manfally he says, pluk to pluk and lekan for lukan, he was to just24
pluggy well suck that brown boyo, my son, and spend a whole25
half hour in Havana. Sorer of the kreeksmen, would not thore be26
old high gothsprogue! Wherefore he met Master, he mean to say,27
he do, sire, bester of redpublicans, at Eagle Cock Hostel on28
Lorenzo Tooley street and how he wished his Honour the ban-29
nocks of Gort and Morya and Bri Head and Puddyrick, yore30
Loudship, and a starchboxsitting in the pit of his St Tomach's,31
--- a strange wish for you, my friend, and it would poleaxe your32
sonson's grandson utterly though your own old sweatandswear33
floruerunts heaved it hoch many as the times, when they were34
turrified by the hitz.35
     Chee chee cheers for Upkingbilly and crow cru cramwells 36

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