Text FW 004

     What clashes here of wills gen wonts, oystrygods gaggin fishy- 1
gods! Brékkek Kékkek Kékkek Kékkek! Kóax Kóax Kóax!Ualu2
Ualu Ualu! Quaouauh! Where the Baddelaries partisans are still3
out to mathmaster Malachus Micgranes and the Verdons cata-4
pelting the camibalistics out of the Whoyteboyce of Hoodie5
Head. Assiegates and boomeringstroms. Sod's brood, be me fear!6
Sanglorians, save! Arms apeal with larms, appalling. Killykill-7
killy: a toll, a toll. What chance cuddleys, what cashels aired8
and ventilated! What bidimetoloves sinduced by what tegotetab-9
solvers! What true feeling for their's hayair with what strawng10
voice of false jiccup! O here here how hoth sprowled met the11
duskt the father of fornicationists but, (O my shining stars and12
body!) how hath fanespanned most high heaven the skysign of13
soft advertisement! But was iz? Iseut? Ere were sewers? The oaks14
of ald now they lie in peat yet elms leap where askes lay. Phall if15
you but will, rise you must: and none so soon either shall the16
pharce for the nunce come to a setdown secular phoenish.17
     Bygmester Finnegan, of the Stuttering Hand, freemen's mau- 18
rer, lived in the broadest way immarginable in his rushlit toofar-19
back for messuages before joshuan judges had given us numbers20
or Helviticus committed deuteronomy (one yeastyday he sternely21
struxk his tete in a tub for to watsch the future of his fates but ere22
he swiftly stook it out again, by the might of moses, the very wat-23
er was eviparated and all the guenneses had met their exodus so24
that ought to show you what a pentschanjeuchy chap he was!)25
and during mighty odd years this man of hod, cement and edi-26
fices in Toper's Thorp piled buildung supra buildung pon the27
banks for the livers by the Soangso. He addle liddle phifie Annie28
ugged the little craythur. Wither hayre in honds tuck up your part29
inher. Oftwhile balbulous, mithre ahead, with goodly trowel in30
grasp and ivoroiled overalls which he habitacularly fondseed, like31
Haroun Childeric Eggeberth he would caligulate by multiplicab-32
les the alltitude and malltitude until he seesaw by neatlight of the33
liquor wheretwin 'twas born, his roundhead staple of other days34
to rise in undress maisonry upstanded (joygrantit!), a waalworth35
of a skyerscape of most eyeful hoyth entowerly, erigenating from36

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