Text FW 019

part so ptee does duty for the holos we soon grow to use of an1
allforabit. Here (please to stoop) are selveran cued peteet peas of2
quite a pecuniar interest inaslittle as they are the pellets that make3
the tomtummy's pay roll. Right rank ragnar rocks and with these4
rox orangotangos rangled rough and rightgorong. Wisha, wisha,5
whydidtha? Thik is for thorn that's thuck in its thoil like thum-6
fool's thraitor thrust for vengeance. What a mnice old mness it7
all mnakes! A middenhide hoard of objects! Olives, beets, kim-8
mells, dollies, alfrids, beatties, cormacks and daltons. Owlets' eegs9
(O stoop to please!) are here, creakish from age and all now10
quite epsilene, and oldwolldy wobblewers, haudworth a wipe o11
grass. Sss! See the snake wurrums everyside! Our durlbin is12
sworming in sneaks. They came to our island from triangular13
Toucheaterre beyond the wet prairie rared up in the midst of the14
cargon of prohibitive pomefructs but along landed Paddy Wip-15
pingham and the his garbagecans cotched the creeps of them16
pricker than our whosethere outofman could quick up her whats-17
thats. Somedivide and sumthelot but the tally turns round the18
same balifuson. Racketeers and bottloggers.19
     Axe on thwacks on thracks, axenwise. One by one place one 20
be three dittoh and one before. Two nursus one make a plaus-21
ible free and idim behind. Starting off with a big boaboa and three-22
legged calvers and ivargraine jadesses with a message in their23
mouths. And a hundreadfilled unleavenweight of liberorumqueue24
to con an we can till allhorrors eve. What a meanderthalltale to25
unfurl and with what an end in view of squattor and anntisquattor26
and postproneauntisquattor! To say too us to be every tim, nick27
and larry of us, sons of the sod, sons, littlesons, yea and lealittle-28
sons, when usses not to be, every sue, siss and sally of us, dugters29
of Nan! Accusative ahnsire! Damadam to infinities30
     True there was in nillohs dieybos as yet no lumpend papeer 31
in the waste, and mightmountain Penn still groaned for the micies32
to let flee. All was of ancientry. You gave me a boot (signs on33
it!) and I ate the wind. I quizzed you a quid (with for what?) and34
you went to the quod. But the world, mind, is, was and will be35
writing its own wrunes for ever, man, on all matters that fall36

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