Text FW 606

water, perpetually chaste, so that, well understanding, she should1
fill to midheight his tubbathaltar, which hanbathtub, most blessed2
Kevin, ninthly enthroned, in the concentric centre of the trans-3
lated water, whereamid, when violet vesper vailed, Saint Kevin,4
Hydrophilos, having girded his sable cappa magna as high as to5
his cherubical loins, at solemn compline sat in his sate of wis-6
dom, that handbathtub, whereverafter, recreated doctor insularis7
of the universal church, keeper of the door of meditation, memory8
extempore proposing and intellect formally considering, recluse,9
he meditated continuously with seraphic ardour the primal sacra-10
ment of baptism or the regeneration of all man by affusion of11
water. Yee.12
     Bisships, bevel to rock's rite! Sarver buoy, extinguish! Nuota- 13
bene. The rare view from the three Benns under the bald heaven14
is on the other end, askan your blixom on dimmen and blastun,15
something to right hume about. They were erected in a purvious16
century, as a hen fine coops and, if you know your Bristol and17
have trudged the trolly ways and elventurns of that old cobbold18
city, you will sortofficially scribble a mental Peny-Knox-Gore.19
Whether they were franklings by name also has not been fully20
probed. Their design is a whosold word and the charming de-21
tails of light in dark are freshed from the feminiairity which22
breathes content. O ferax cupla! Ah, fairypair! The first exploder23
to make his ablations in these parks was indeed that lucky mortal24
which the monster trial showed on its first day out. What will25
not arky paper, anticidingly inked with penmark, push, per sample26
prof, kuvertly falted, when style, stink and stigmataphoron are27
of one sum in the same person? He comes out of the soil very28
well after all just where Old Toffler is to come shuffling along-29
soons Panniquanne starts showing of her peequuliar talonts.30
Awaywrong wandler surking to a rightrare rute for his plain31
utterrock sukes, appelled to by her fancy claddaghs. You plied32
that pokar, gamesy, swell as aye did, while there were flickars33
to the flores. He may be humpy, nay, he may be dumpy but there34
is always something racey about, say, a sailor on a horse. As soon35
as we sale him geen we gates a sprise! He brings up tofatufa and36

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