Text FW 604

peechy. Say he that saw him that saw! Man shall sharp run1
do a get him. Ask no more, Jerry mine, Roga's voice! No2
pice soorkabatcha. The bog which puckerooed the posy. The3
vinebranch of Heremonheber on Bregia's plane where Teffia lies4
is leaved invert and fructed proper but the cublic hatches endnot5
open yet for hourly rincers' mess. Read Higgins, Cairns and Egen.6
Malthus is yet lukked in close. Withun. How swathed there-7
answer alcove makes theirinn! Besoakers loiter on. And primi-8
libatory solicates of limon sodias will be absorbable. It is9
not even yet the engine of the load with haled morries full of10
crates, you mattinmummur, for dombell dumbs? Sure and 'tis11
not then. The greek Sideral Reulthway, as it havvents, will soon12
be starting a smooth with its first single hastencraft. Danny buz-13
zers instead of the vialact coloured milk train on the fartykket14
plan run with its endless gallaxion of rotatorattlers and the smool-15
troon our elderens rememberem as the scream of the service,16
Strubry Bess. Also the waggonwobblers are still yet everdue to17
precipitate after night's combustion. Aspect, Shamus Rogua or!18
Taceate and! Hagiographice canat Ecclesia. Which aubrey our19
first shall show. Inattendance who is who is will play that's what's20
that to what's that, what.21
     Oyes! Oyeses! Oyesesyeses! The primace of the Gaulls, pro- 22
tonotorious, I yam as I yam, mitrogenerand in the free state on23
the air, is now aboil to blow a Gael warning. Inoperation Eyr-24
lands Eyot, Meganesia, Habitant and the onebut thousand insels,25
Western and Osthern Approaches.26
     Of Kevin, of increate God the servant, of the Lord Creator a 27
filial fearer, who, given to the growing grass, took to the tall tim-28
ber, slippery dick the springy heeler, as we have seen, so we29
have heard, what we have received, that we have transmitted,30
thus we shall hope, this we shall pray till, in the search for31
love of knowledge through the comprehension of the unity in32
altruism through stupefaction, it may again how it may again,33
shearing aside the four wethers and passing over the dainty daily34
dairy and dropping by the way the lapful of live coals and35
smoothing out Nelly Nettle and her lad of mettle, full of stings,36

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