Text FW 026

the pure perfection and Leatherbags Reynolds tries your shuffle1
and cut. But as Hopkins and Hopkins puts it, you were the pale2
eggynaggy and a kis to tilly up. We calls him the journeyall3
Buggaloffs since he went Jerusalemfaring in Arssia Manor. You4
had a gamier cock than Pete, Jake or Martin and your archgoose5
of geese stubbled for All Angels' Day. So may the priest of seven6
worms and scalding tayboil, Papa Vestray, come never anear you7
as your hair grows wheater beside the Liffey that's in Heaven!8
Hep, hep, hurrah there! Hero! Seven times thereto we salute9
you! The whole bag of kits, falconplumes and jackboots incloted,10
is where you flung them that time. Your heart is in the system11
of the Shewolf and your crested head is in the tropic of Copri-12
capron. Your feet are in the cloister of Virgo. Your olala is in the13
region of sahuls. And that's ashore as you were born. Your shuck14
tick's swell. And that there texas is tow linen. The loamsome15
roam to Laffayette is ended. Drop in your tracks, babe! Be not16
unrested ! The headboddylwatcher of the chempel of Isid,17
Totumcalmum, saith: I know thee, metherjar, I know thee, sal-18
vation boat. For we have performed upon thee, thou abrama-19
nation, who comest ever without being invoked, whose coming20
is unknown, all the things which the company of the precentors21
and of the grammarians of Christpatrick's ordered concerning22
thee in the matter of the work of thy tombing. Howe of the ship-23
men, steep wall!24
     Everything's going on the same or so it appeals to all of us, 25
in the old holmsted here. Coughings all over the sanctuary, bad26
scrant to me aunt Florenza. The horn for breakfast, one o'gong27
for lunch and dinnerchime. As popular as when Belly the First28
was keng and his members met in the Diet of Man. The same29
shop slop in the window. Jacob's lettercrackers and Dr Tipple's30
Vi-Cocoa and the Eswuards' desippated soup beside Mother Sea-31
gull's syrup. Meat took a drop when Reilly-Parsons failed. Coal's32
short but we've plenty of bog in the yard. And barley's up again,33
begrained to it. The lads is attending school nessans regular, sir,34
spelling beesknees with hathatansy and turning out tables by35
mudapplication. Allfor the books and never pegging smashers36

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