Text FW 061

scenities, una mona. Sylvia Silence, the girl detective (Meminerva,1
but by now one hears turtlings all over Doveland!) when supplied2
with informations as to the several facets of the case in her cozy-3
dozy bachelure's flat, quite overlooking John a'Dream's mews,4
leaned back in her really truly easy chair to query restfully through5
her vowelthreaded syllabelles: Have you evew thought, wepow-6
tew, that sheew gweatness was his twadgedy? Nevewtheless ac-7
cowding to my considewed attitudes fow this act he should pay8
the full penalty, pending puwsuance, as pew Subsec. 32, section9
II, of the C. L. A. act 1885, anything in this act to the contwawy10
notwithstanding. Jarley Jilke began to silke for he couldn't get11
home to Jelsey but ended with: He's got the sack that helped him12
moult instench of his gladsome rags. Meagher, a naval rating,13
seated on one of the granite cromlech setts of our new fish-14
shambles for the usual aireating after the ever popular act, with15
whom were Questa and Puella, piquante and quoite, (this had a16
cold in her brain while that felt a sink in her summock, wit's17
wat, wot's wet) was encouraged, although nearvanashed himself,18
by one of his co-affianced to get your breath, Walt, and gobbit19
and when ther chidden by her fastra sastra to saddle up your20
pance, Naville, thus cor replied to her other's thankskissing: I21
lay my two fingerbuttons, fiancee Meagher, (he speaks!) he was22
to blame about your two velvetthighs up Horniman's Hill --- as23
hook and eye blame him or any other piscman? --- but I also24
think, Puellywally, by the siege of his trousers there was some-25
one else behind it --- you bet your boughtem blarneys --- about26
their three drummers down Keysars Lane. (Trite!).27
? ? Be these meer marchant taylor's fablings of a race referend 28
with oddman rex? Is now all seenheard then forgotten? Can it29
was, one is fain in this leaden age of letters now to wit, that so30
diversified outrages (they have still to come!) were planned and31
partly carried out against so staunch a covenanter if it be true32
than any of those recorded ever took place for many, we trow,33
beyessed to and denayed of, are given to us by some who use34
the truth but sparingly and we, on this side ought to sorrow for35
their pricking pens on that account. The seventh city, Urovivla,36

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