Text FW 042

along, the trio of whackfolthediddlers was joined by a further ? ? ?1
intentions---apply---tomorrow casual and a decent sort of the2
hadbeen variety who had just been touching the weekly insult,3
phewit, and all figblabbers (who saith of noun?) had stimulants4
in the shape of gee and gees stood by the damn decent sort after5
which stag luncheon and a few ones more just to celebrate yester-6
day, flushed with their firestuffostered friendship, the rascals came7
out of the licensed premises, (Browne's first, the small p.s. ex-ex-8
executive capahand in their sad rear like a lady's postscript: I want9
money. Pleasend), wiping their laughleaking lipes on their sleeves,10
how the bouckaleens shout their roscan generally (seinn fion,11
seinn fion's araun.) and the rhymers' world was with reason the12
richer for a wouldbe ballad, to the balledder of which the world13
of cumannity singing owes a tribute for having placed on the14
planet's melomap his lay of the vilest bogeyer but most attrac-15
tionable avatar the world has ever had to explain for.16
     This, more krectly lubeen or fellow --- me --- lieder was first 17
poured forth where Riau Liviau riots and col de Houdo humps,18
under the shadow of the monument of the shouldhavebeen legis-19
lator (Eleutheriodendron! Spare, woodmann, spare!) to an over-20
flow meeting of all the nations in Lenster fullyfilling the visional21
area and, as a singleminded supercrowd, easily representative,22
what with masks, whet with faces, of all sections and cross sections23
(wineshop and cocoahouse poured out to brim up the broaching)24
of our liffeyside people (to omit to mention of the mainland mino-25
rity and such as had wayfared via Watling, Ernin, Icknild and26
Stane, in chief a halted cockney car with its quotal of Hardmuth's27
hacks, a northern tory, a southern whig, an eastanglian chroni-28
cler and a landwester guardian) ranging from slips of young29
dublinos from Cutpurse Row having nothing better to do than30
walk about with their hands in their kneepants, sucking air-31
whackers, weedulicet, jumbobricks, side by side with truant32
officers, three woollen balls and poplin in search of a croust of33
pawn to busy professional gentlemen, a brace of palesmen with34
dundrearies, nooning toward Daly's, fresh from snipehitting and35
mallardmissing on Rutland heath, exchanging cold sneers, mass-36

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