Text FW 069

not, has been the expression, direct or through an agent male, of1
womanhid offended, (ah! ah!), has not levy of black mail from2
the times the fairies were in it, and fain for wilde erthe blothoms3
followed an impressive private reputation for whispered sins?4
? ? Now by memory inspired, turn wheel again to the whole of 5
the wall. Where Gyant Blyant fronts Peannlueamoore There was6
once upon a wall and a hooghoog wall a was and such a wall-7
hole did exist. Ere ore or ire in Aaarlund. Or you Dair's Hair or8
you Diggin Mosses or your horde of orts and oriorts to garble9
a garthen of Odin and the lost paladays when all the eddams ended10
with aves. Armen? The doun is theirs and still to see for menags11
if he strikes a lousaforitch and we'll come to those baregazed12
shoeshines if you just shoodov a second. And let oggs be good13
old gaggles and Isther Estarr play Yesther Asterr. In the drema14
of Sorestost Areas, Diseased. A stonehinged gate then was for15
another thing while the suroptimist had bought and enlarged16
that shack under fair rental of one yearlyng sheep, (prime) value17
of sixpence, and one small yearlyng goat (cadet) value of eight-18
pence, to grow old and happy (hogg it and kidd him) for the re-19
minants of his years; and when everything was got up for the20
purpose he put an applegate on the place by no means as some21
pretext a bedstead in loo thereof to keep out donkeys (the pig-22
dirt hanging from the jags to this hour makes that clear) and just23
thenabouts the iron gape, by old custom left open to prevent24
the cats from getting at the gout, was triplepatlockt on him on25
purpose by his faithful poorters to keep him inside probably and26
possibly enaunter he felt like sticking out his chest too far and27
tempting gracious providence by a stroll on the peoplade's egg-28
day, unused as he was yet to being freely clodded.29
     O, by the by, lets wee brag of praties, it ought to be always 30
remembered in connection with what has gone before that there31
was a northroomer, Herr Betreffender, out for his zimmer hole-32
digs, digging in number 32 at the Rum and Puncheon (Branch of33
Dirty Dick's free house) in Laxlip (where the Sockeye Sammons34
were stopping at the time orange fasting) prior to that, a Kom-35
merzial (Gorbotipacco, he was wreaking like Zentral Oylrubber)36

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