Text FW 597

worn. Soe? La! Lamfadar's arm it has cocoincidences. You mean1
to see we have been hadding a sound night's sleep? You may so.2
It is just, it is just about to, it is just about to rolywholyover.3
Svapnasvap. Of all the stranger things that ever not even in the4
hundrund and badst pageans of unthowsent and wonst nice or5
in eddas and oddes bokes of tomb, dyke and hollow to be have6
happened! The untireties of livesliving being the one substrance7
of a streamsbecoming. Totalled in toldteld and teldtold in tittle-8
tell tattle. Why? Because, graced be Gad and all giddy gadgets,9
in whose words were the beginnings, there are two signs to turn10
to, the yest and the ist, the wright side and the wronged side,11
feeling aslip and wauking up, so an, so farth. Why? On the sourd-12
site we have the Moskiosk Djinpalast with its twin adjacencies,13
the bathouse and the bazaar, allahallahallah, and on the sponthe-14
site it is the alcovan and the rosegarden, boony noughty, all pura-15
puthry. Why? One's apurr apuss a story about brid and break-16
fedes and parricombating and coushcouch but others is of tholes17
and oubworn buyings, dolings and chafferings in heat, contest18
and enmity. Why? Every talk has his stay, vidnis Shavarsanjivana,19
and all-a-dreams perhapsing under lucksloop at last are through.20
Why? It is a sot of a swigswag, systomy dystomy, which evera-21
body you ever anywhere at all doze. Why? Such me.22
     And howpsadrowsay. 23
     Lok! A shaft of shivery in the act, anilancinant. Cold's sleuth! 24
Vayuns! Where did thots come from? It is infinitesimally fevers,25
resty fever, risy fever, a coranto of aria, sleeper awakening, in26
the smalls of one's back presentiment, gip, and again, geip, a27
flash from a future of maybe mahamayability through the windr28
of a wondr in a wildr is a weltr as a wirbl of a warbl is a world.29
     Tom. 30
     It is perfect degrees excelsius. A jaladaew still stilleth. Cloud 31
lay but mackrel are. Anemone activescent, the torporature is re-32
turning to mornal. Humid nature is feeling itself freely at ease33
with the all fresco. The vervain is to herald as the grass admini-34
sters. They say, they say in effect, they really say. You have eaden35
fruit. Say whuit. You have snakked mid a fish. Telle whish.36

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