Text FW 612

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pace negativisticists, verdant readyrainroof belongahim Exuber3
High Ober King Leary very dead, what he wish to say, spit of4
superexuberabundancy plenty laurel leaves, after that com-5
mander bulopent eyes of Most Highest Ardreetsar King same6
thing like thyme choppy upon parsley, alongsidethat, if please-7
sir, nos displace tauttung, sowlofabishospastored, enamel Indian8
gem in maledictive fingerfondler of High High Siresultan Em-9
peror all same like one fellow olive lentil, onthelongsidethat, by10
undesendas, kirikirikiring, violaceous warwon contusiones of11
facebuts of Highup Big Cockywocky Sublissimime Autocrat, for12
that with pure hueglut intensely saturated one, tinged uniformly,13
allaroundside upinandoutdown, very like you seecut chowchow14
of plentymuch sennacassia Hump cumps Ebblybally! Sukkot?15
     Punc. Bigseer, refrects the petty padre, whackling it out, a 16
tumble to take, tripeness to call thing and to call if say is good17
while, you pore shiroskuro blackinwhitepaddynger, by thiswis18
aposterioprismically apatstrophied and paralogically periparo-19
lysed, celestial from principalest of Iro's Irismans ruinboon pot20
before, (for beingtime monkblinkers timeblinged completamen-21
tarily murkblankered in their neutrolysis between the possible22
viriditude of the sager and the probable eruberuption of the23
saint), as My tappropinquish to Me wipenmeselps gnosegates a24
handcaughtscheaf of synthetic shammyrag to hims hers, seeming-25
such four three two agreement cause heart to be might, saving to26
Balenoarch (he kneeleths), to Great Balenoarch (he kneeleths27
down) to Greatest Great Balenoarch (he kneeleths down quite-28
somely), the sound sense sympol in a weedwayedwold of the29
firethere the sun in his halo cast. Onmen.30
     That was thing, bygotter, the thing, bogcotton, the very thing, 31
begad! Even to uptoputty Bilkilly-Belkelly-Balkally. Who was32
for shouting down the shatton on the lamp of Jeeshees. Sweating33
on to stonker and throw his seven. As he shuck his thumping34
fore features apt the hoyhop of His Ards.35
     Thud. 36

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