Text FW 608

     It is a mere mienerism of this vague of visibilities, mark you, 1
as accorded to by moisturologist of the Brehons Assorceration for2
the advauncement of scayence because, my dear, mentioning of3
it under the breath, as in pure (what bunkum!) essenesse, there4
have been disselving forenenst you just the draeper, the two5
drawpers assisters and the three droopers assessors confraterni-6
tisers. Who are, of course, Uncle Arth, your two cozes from7
Niece and (kunject a bit now!) our own familiars, Billyhealy, Bally-8
hooly and Bullyhowley, surprised in an indecorous position by9
the Sigurd Sigerson Sphygmomanometer Society for bled-10
     Knightsmore. Haventyne? 12
     Ha ha! 13
     This Mister Ireland? And a live? 14
     Ay, ay. Aye, aye, baas. 15
     The cry of Stena chills the vitals of slumbring off the motther 16
has been pleased into the harms of old salaciters, meassurers17
soon and soon, but the voice of Alina gladdens the cockly-18
hearted dreamerish for that magic moning with its ching19
chang chap sugay kaow laow milkee muchee bringing becker-20
brose, the brew with the foochoor in it. Sawyest? Nodt? Nyets,21
I dhink I sawn to remumb or sumbsuch. A kind of a thinglike22
all traylogged then pubably it resymbles a pelvic or some kvind23
then props an acutebacked quadrangle with aslant off ohahn-24
thenth a wenchyoumaycuddler, lying with her royalirish upper-25
shoes among the theeckleaves. Signs are on of a mere by token26
that wills still to be becoming upon this there once a here was27
world. As the dayeleyves unfolden them. In the wake of the28
blackshape, Nattenden Sorte; whenat, hindled firth and hundled29
furth, the week of wakes is out and over; as a wick weak woking30
from ennemberable Ashias unto fierce force fuming, temtem31
tamtam, the Phoenican wakes.32
     Passing. One. We are passing. Two. From sleep we are pass- 33
ing. Three. Into the wikeawades warld from sleep we are passing.34
Four. Come, hours, be ours!35
     But still. Ah diar, ah diar! And stay. 36

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