Text FW 037

postpuberal hypertituitary type of Heidelberg mannleich cavern1
ethics) lufted his slopingforward, bad Sweatagore good mur-2
rough and dublnotch on to it as he was greedly obliged, and3
like a sensible ham, with infinite tact in the delicate situation seen4
the touchy nature of its perilous theme, thanked um for guilders5
received and time of day (not a little token abock all the same that6
that was owl the God's clock it was) and, upon humble duty to7
greet his Tyskminister and he shall gildthegap Gaper and thee his8
a mouldy voids, went about his business, whoever it was, saluting9
corpses, as a metter of corse (one could hound him out had one10
hart to for the monticules of scalp and dandruff droppings blaze11
his trail) accompanied by his trusty snorler and his permanent12
reflection, verbigracious; I have met with you, bird, too late,13
or if not, too worm and early: and with tag for ildiot repeated14
in his secondmouth language as many of the bigtimer's verbaten15
words which he could balbly call to memory that same kveldeve,16
ere the hour of the twattering of bards in the twitterlitter between17
Druidia and the Deepsleep Sea, when suppertide and souvenir to18
Charlatan Mall jointly kem gently and along the quiet darkenings19
of Grand and Royal, ff, flitmansfluh, and, kk, 't crept i' hedge20
whenas to many a softongue's pawkytalk mude unswer u sufter21
poghyogh, Arvanda always aquiassent, while, studying castelles22
in the blowne and studding cowshots over the noran, he spat in23
careful convertedness a musaic dispensation about his hearthstone,24
if you please, (Irish saliva, mawshe dho hole, but would a respect-25
able prominently connected fellow of Iro-European ascendances26
with welldressed ideas who knew the correct thing such as Mr27
Shallwesigh or Mr Shallwelaugh expectorate after such a callous28
fashion, no thank yous! when he had his belcher spuckertuck in his29
pucket, pthuck?) musefed with his thockits after having supped30
of the dish sot and pottage which he snobbishly dabbed Peach31
Bombay (it is rawly only Lukanpukan pilzenpie which she knows32
which senaffed and pibered him), a supreme of excelling peas,33
balled under minnshogue's milk into whitemalt winesour, a pro-34
viant the littlebilker hoarsely relished, chaff it, in the snevel season,35
being as fain o't as your rat wi'fennel; and on this celebrating36

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