Text FW 052

end pastime of executing with Anny Oakley deadliness (the con-1
summatory pairs of provocatives, of which remained provokingly2
but two, the ones he fell for, Lili and Tutu, cork em!) empties3
which had not very long before contained Reid's family (you ruad4
that before, soaky, but all the bottles in sodemd histry will not5
soften your bloodathirst!) stout. Having reprimed his repeater6
and resiteroomed his timespiece His Revenances, with still a life7
or two to spare for the space of his occupancy of a world at a time,8
rose to his feet and there, far from Tolkaheim, in a quiet English9
garden (commonplace!), since known as Whiddington Wild, his10
simple intensive curolent vocality, my dearbraithers, my most11
dearbrathairs, as he, so is a supper as is a sipper, spake of the12
One and told of the Compassionate, called up before the triad of13
precoxious scaremakers (scoretaking: Spegulo ne helpas al mal-14
bellulo, Mi Kredas ke vi estas prava, Via dote la vizago rispondas15
fraulino) the now to ushere mythical habiliments of Our Farfar16
and Arthor of our doyne.17
     Television kills telephony in brothers' broil. Our eyes de- 18
mand their turn. Let them be seen! And wolfbone balefires blaze19
the trailmost if only that Mary Nothing may burst her bibby20
buckshee. When they set fire then she's got to glow so we may21
stand some chances of warming to what every soorkabatcha,22
tum or hum, would like to know. The first Humphrey's latitu-23
dinous baver with puggaree behind, (calaboose belong bigboss24
belong Kang the Toll) his fourinhand bow, his elbaroom surtout,25
the refaced unmansionables of gingerine hue, the state slate26
umbrella, his gruff woolselywellesly with the finndrinn knopfs27
and the gauntlet upon the hand which in an hour not for him28
solely evil had struck down the might he mighthavebeen d'Est-29
erre of whom his nation seemed almost already to be about to30
have need. Then, stealing his thunder, but in the befitting le-31
gomena of the smaller country, (probable words, possibly said, of32
field family gleaming) a bit duskish and flavoured with a smile,33
seein as ow his thoughts consisted chiefly of the cheerio, he aptly34
sketched for our soontobe second parents (sukand see whybe!)35
the touching seene. The solence of that stilling! Here one might 36

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