Text FW 601

is sure he means bisnisgels to empalmover. A naked yogpriest,1
clothed of sundust, his oakey doaked with frondest leoves, offrand2
to the ewon of her owen. Tasyam kuru salilakriyamu! Pfaf!3
     Bring about it to be brought about and it will be, loke, our lake 4
lemanted, that greyt lack, the citye of Is is issuant (atlanst!), urban5
and orbal, through seep froms umber under wasseres of Erie.6
     Lough! 7
     Hwo! Hwy, dairmaidens? Asthoreths, assay! Earthsigh to is 8
     Hillsengals, the daughters of the cliffs, responsen. Longsome 10
the samphire coast. From thee to thee, thoo art it thoo, that11
thouest there. The like the near, the liker nearer. O sosay! A12
family, a band, a school, a clanagirls. Fiftines andbut fortines by13
novanas andor vantads by octettes ayand decadendecads by a14
lunary with last a lone. Whose every has herdifferent from the15
similies with her site. Sicut campanulae petalliferentes they coroll16
in caroll round Botany Bay. A dweam of dose innocent dirly17
dirls. Keavn! Keavn! And they all setton voicies about singsing18
music was Keavn! He. Only he. Ittle he. Ah! The whole19
clangalied. Oh!20
     S. Wilhelmina's, S. Gardenia's, S. Phibia's, S. Veslandrua's, 21
S. Clarinda's, S. Immecula's, S. Dolores Delphin's, S. Perlan-22
throa's, S. Errands Gay's, S. Eddaminiva's, S. Rhodamena's, S.23
Ruadagara's, S. Drimicumtra's, S. Una Vestity's, S. Mintargisia's,24
S. Misha-La-Valse's, S. Churstry's, S. Clouonaskieym's, S. Bella-25
vistura's, S. Santamonta's, S. Ringsingsund's, S. Heddadin26
Drade's, S. Glacianivia's, S. Waidafrira's, S. Thomassabbess's27
and (trema! unloud!! pepet!!!) S. Loellisotoelles!28
     Prayfulness! Prayfulness! 29
     Euh! Thaet is seu whaet shaell one naeme it! 30
     The meidinogues have tingued togethering. Ascend out of 31
your bed, cavern of a trunk, and shrine! Kathlins is kitchin.32
Soros cast, ma brone! You must exterra acquarate to interirigate33
all the arkypelicans. The austrologer Wallaby by Tolan, who34
farshook our showrs from Newer Aland, has signed the you and35
the now our mandate. Milenesia waits. Be smark.36

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