Text FW 616

against Molloyd O'Reilly, that hugglebeddy fann, now about to1
get up, the hartiest that Coolock ever! A nought in nought2
Eirinishmhan, called Ervigsen by his first mate. May all similar3
douters of our oldhame story have that fancied widming! For4
a pipe of twist or a slug of Hibernia metal we could let out and,5
by jings, someone would make a carpus of somebody with the6
greatest of pleasure by private shootings. And in contravention to7
the constancy of chemical combinations not enough of all the8
slatters of him left for Peeter the Picker to make their threi sevelty9
filfths of a man out of. Good wheat! How delitious for the three10
Sulvans of Dulkey and what a sellpriceget the two Peris of11
Monacheena! Sugars of lead for the chloras ashpots! Peace! He12
possessing from a child of highest valency for our privileged13
beholdings ever complete hairy of chest, hamps and eyebags in14
pursuance to salesladies' affectionate company. His real devotes.15
Wriggling reptiles, take notice! Whereas we exgust all such16
sprinkling snigs. They are pestituting the whole time never with17
standing we simply agree upon the committee of amusance! Or18
could above bring under same notice for it to be able to be seen.19
     About that coerogenal hun and his knowing the size of an egg- 20
cup. First he was a skulksman at one time and then Cloon's fired21
him through guff. Be sage about sausages! Stuttutistics shows22
with he's heacups of teatables the oldfirm's fatspitters are most23
eatenly appreciated by metropolonians. While we should like to24
drag attentions to our Wolkmans Cumsensation Act. The magnets25
of our midst being foisted upon by a plethorace of parachutes.26
Did speece permit the bad example of setting before the military27
to the best of our belief in the earliest wish of the one in mind was28
the mitigation of the king's evils. And how he staired up the29
step after it's the power of the gait. His giantstand of manun-30
known. No brad wishy washy wathy wanted neither! Once you31
are balladproof you are unperceable to haily, icy and missile-32
throes. Order now before we reach Ruggers' Rush! As we now33
must close hoping to Saint Laurans all in the best. Moral. Mrs34
Stores Humphreys: So you are expecting trouble, Pondups, from35
the domestic service questioned? Mr Stores Humphreys: Just as36

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