Text FW 622

cooshes, sweet good luck they're cawing you, Coole! You see,1
they're as white as the riven snae. For us. Next peaters poll you2
will be elicted or I'm not your elicitous bribe. The Kinsella3
woman's man will never reduce me. A MacGarath O'Cullagh4
O'Muirk MacFewney sookadoodling and sweepacheeping round5
the lodge of Fjorn na Galla of the Trumpets! It's like potting the6
po to shambe on the dresser or tamming Uncle Tim's Caubeen7
on to the brows of a Viker Eagle. Not such big strides, huddy8
foddy! You'll crush me antilopes I saved so long for. They're9
Penisole's. And the two goodiest shoeshoes. It is hardly a Knut's10
mile or seven, possumbotts. It is very good for the health of a11
morning. With Buahbuah. A gentle motion all around. As12
leisure paces. And the helpyourselftoastrool cure's easy. It seems13
so long since, ages since. As if you had been long far away.14
Afartodays, afeartonights, and me as with you in thadark. You15
will tell me some time if I can believe its all. You know where16
I am bringing you? You remember? When I ran berrying after17
hucks and haws. With you drawing out great aims to hazel me18
from the hummock with your sling. Our cries. I could lead you19
there and I still by you in bed. Les go dutc to Danegreven,20
nos? Not a soul but ourselves. Time? We have loads on our21
hangs. Till Gilligan and Halligan call again to hooligan. And22
the rest of the guns. Sullygan eight, from left to right. Olobobo,23
ye foxy theagues! The moskors thought to ball you out. Or24
the Wald Unicorns Master, Bugley Captain, from the Naul, drawls25
up by the door with the Honourable Whilp and the Reverend26
Poynter and the two Lady Pagets of Tallyhaugh, Ballyhuntus,27
in their riddletight raiding hats for to lift a hereshealth to their28
robost, the Stag, evers the Carlton hart. And you needn't host29
out with your duck and your duty, capapole, while they reach30
him the glass he never starts to finish. Clap this wis on your poll31
and stick this in your ear, wiggly! Beauties don't answer and the32
rich never pays. If you were the enlarged they'd hue in cry you,33
Heathtown, Harbourstown, Snowtown, Four Knocks, Fleming-34
town, Bodingtown to the Ford of Fyne on Delvin. How they35
housed to house you after the Platonic garlens! And all because,36

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