Text FW 609

     It was allso agreenable in our sinegear clutchless, touring the 1
no placelike no timelike absolent, mixing up pettyvaughan popu-2
lose with the magnumoore genstries, lloydhaired mersscenary3
blookers with boydskinned pigttetails and goochlipped gwendo-4
lenes with duffyeyed dolores; like so many unprobables in their5
poor suit of the improssable. With Mata and after please with6
Matamaru and after please stop with Matamaruluka and after stop7
do please with Matamarulukajoni.8
     And anotherum. Ah ess, dapple ass! He will be longing after 9
the Grogram Grays. And, Weisingchetaoli, he will levellaut10
ministel Trampleasure be. Sheflower Rosina, younger Sheflower11
fruit Amaryllis, youngest flowerfruityfrond Sallysill or Sillysall.12
And house with heaven roof occupanters they are continuatingly13
attraverse of its milletestudinous windows, ricocoursing them-14
selves, as staneglass on stonegloss, inplayn unglish Wynn's15
Hotel. Brancherds at: Bullbeck, Oldboof, Sassondale, Jorsey16
Uppygard, Mundelonde, Abbeytotte, Bracqueytuitte with Hoc-17
keyvilla, Fockeyvilla, Hillewille and Wallhall. Hoojahoo mana-18
gers the thingaviking. Obning shotly. When the messanger of19
the risen sun, (see other oriel) shall give to every seeable a hue and20
to every hearable a cry and to each spectacle his spot and to each21
happening her houram. The while we, we are waiting, we are22
waiting for. Hymn.23
     Muta: Quodestnunc fumusiste volhvuns ex Domoyno? 24
     Juva: It is Old Head of Kettle puffing off the top of the mornin. 25
     Muta: He odda be thorly well ashamed of himself for smoking 26
before the high host.27
     Juva: Dies is Dorminus master and commandant illy tono- 28
     Muta: Diminussed aster! An I could peecieve amonkst the 30
gatherings who ever they wolk in process?31
     Juva: Khubadah! It is the Chrystanthemlander with his 32
porters of bonzos, pompommy plonkyplonk, the ghariwallahs,33
moveyovering the cabrattlefield of slaine.34
     Muta: Pongo da Banza! An I would uscertain in druidful 35
scatterings one piece tall chap he stand one piece same place?36

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