Text FW 062

his citadear of refuge, whither (would we believe the laimen and1
their counts), beyond the outraved gales of Atreeatic, changing2
clues with a baggermalster, the hejirite had fled, silentioussue-3
meant under night's altosonority, shipalone, a raven of the wave,4
(be mercy, Mara! A he whence Rahoulas!) from the ostmen's5
dirtby on the old vic, to forget in expiating manslaughter and,6
reberthing in remarriment out of dead seekness to devine previ-7
dence, (if you are looking for the bilder deep your ear on the8
movietone!) to league his lot, palm and patte, with a papishee.9
For mine qvinne I thee giftake and bind my hosenband I thee10
halter. The wastobe land, a lottuse land, a luctuous land, Emerald-11
illuim, the peasant pastured, in which by the fourth commandment12
with promise his days apostolic were to be long by the abundant13
mercy of Him Which Thundereth From On High, murmured,14
would rise against him with all which in them were, franchisab-15
les and inhabitands, astea as agora, helotsphilots, do him hurt,16
poor jink, ghostly following bodily, as were he made a curse for17
them, the corruptible lay quick, all saints of incorruption-of-an18
holy nation, the common or ere-in-garden castaway, in red re-19
surrection to condemn so they might convince him, first pha-20
roah, Humpheres Cheops Exarchas, of their proper sins. Busi-21
ness bred to speak with a stiff upper lip to all men and most occa-22
sions the Man we wot of took little short of fighting chances but23
for all that he or his or his care were subjected to the horrors of24
the premier terror of Errorland. (perorhaps!)25
     We seem to us (the real Us !) to be reading our Amenti in the 26
sixth sealed chapter of the going forth by black. It was after the27
show at Wednesbury that one tall man, humping a suspicious28
parcel, when returning late amid a dense particular on his home29
way from the second house of the Boore and Burgess Christy30
Menestrels by the old spot, Roy's Corner, had a barkiss revolver31
placed to his faced with the words: you're shot, major: by an un-32
knowable assailant (masked) against whom he had been jealous33
over, Lotta Crabtree or Pomona Evlyn. More than that Whenn34
the Waylayer (not a Lucalizod diocesan or even of the Glenda-35
lough see, but hailing fro' the prow of Little Britain), mention-36

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